This is WHY you stay BROKE

4 Dec

What is Cryptocurrency and How can we use it?

1 Dec

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Have you tried the best Meal Replacement Protein Shake ever created?

30 Nov

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Ruby has lost 58 pounds

29 Nov


#WeightlossWednesday ❤️

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Crytocurrency News – 11/22/17

22 Nov

Time for plan Bitcoin


*JP Morgan Chase Makes Surprising Announcement, May Add Bitcoin Futures 

According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, JP Morgan Chase is considering providing access to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s (CME) Bitcoin futures trading through its futures platform. The CME’s announcement last week regarding the addition of Bitcoin futures sent prices of the cryptocurrency to new all time highs over $8,300. According to the report: “J.P. Morgan is considering whether to provide its clients access to CME’s new Bitcoin product through its futures-brokerage unit.” (cointelegraph) 

*Wealth Managers Being Bombarded With Investor Requests to Buy Bitcoin 

Wealth managers around the world are being bombarded by Bitcoin requests, according to a new report by Bloomberg. The spectacular rise in value of the cryptocurrency has caused a run on the investment, with a huge number of investors seeking positions in the new asset class. Mainstream adoption for Bitcoin, which until this year was still widely considered a black market currency, has grown at remarkable rates. The explosive price increases have led to new vehicles for investment such as Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and others. (cointelegraph) 

*Most Young Americans Will Hodl their Bitcoin Until it Reaches $190,000: Survey 

A new survey from LendEDU shows that bitcoin enthusiasts will be ‘hodling’ their coins with respondents willing to sell them when they hit over $190,000 each. The marketplace for student and personal loans conducted a new survey of 564 Americans who have invested in the digital currency. The aim was to determine the current sentiment and future expectations relating to bitcoin investors. The poll found that the average bitcoin investor doesn’t plan on selling their investment until the coins have reached a value of $193,165, roughly 24 times its current value. (cryptocoinsnews) 

Benefits of Walking and Massages

21 Nov

Walking Benefits

– Helps maintain a healthy weight.
– Prevents or manages heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.
– Strengthens your bones and muscles.
– Improves your mood.
– Increases balance and coordination.

The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefit.

Massage Benefits

– Lowers blood pressure.
– Increases circulation.
– Improves flexibility.
– Alleviates back pain.
– Enhances immune system.
– Reduces depression, anxiety and stress.
– Relieves headaches and migraines pain.

Simple solutions for weight loss challenges

17 Nov
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