Jennifer lost 70 Pounds!

23 Apr

This lady is amazing!!!

Jennifer says: If you want it bad enough, it can be done. This is me! Started Skinny Fiber at 218 lbs. Lost almost 40 pounds, then added weight training and a clean diet with one cheat meal a week. I’m now at 144 pounds, and feel amazing. No longer on medication for my liver disease or bowel disease and my thyroid disease is under control. I feel amazing.
The first step to success starts with a decision!
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Colleen asked for help to lose weight and found it

17 Apr

Colleen just shared this in our weight loss success group 😀

I’ve updated my photos and my testimony. Please feel free to use it. I’ve gotten a lot more interest since posting it last week. 
I have always been overweight. Ever since I learned to read and began playing less and reading more. I kept the same eating habits but moved less so the pounds started packing on. 
I was overweight in high school when “Thunder Thighs” was said loud enough for me to hear it, but not loud enough for the teacher to hear. I can still recall that moment and the feelings it brought. I could tell you exactly who it was that muttered those words, not to me but AT me. 

In high school, I tried diet pills. I tried starving myself. 
During my adult years, I’ve tried diet pills. I’ve done the diet shakes. I’ve tried binging and purging. The binging worked great. The purging, not so much. 
I lost weight with some methods but would immediately re-gain as soon as I stopped using that method. And not just the weight I had lost either. I always gained a little extra. 

For several years I have watched my niece struggle with her weight. Then she realized that for her to be healthy she had to make changes. And she did! I stood back and watched as she lost over 100 pounds, and kept it off. Yet in my negative self talk, I said things like 
It’s so easy to lose weight when you’re young. (HELLO! Not true or I would have done it when I was young.) Or I’d quote the old adage

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I was my own worst enemy as she tried to help me!

Last year when I hit my 50th birthday, I took a good, long look at myself. I was on medications for high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, anemia and asthma. At every doctor’s appointment I got the same lecture about losing weight. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 
And I couldn’t run and jump with my grandchildren. I had no energy. I had no endurance. I literally could see that my grandchildren may end up living without their Grandma. And I was NOT ok with that. I needed to get serious about losing weight, and hope that the other things would take care of themselves once my weight was under control. 

So I asked for help. The first step is always the hardest. And boy was that step hard. I had to confess that I couldn’t do this on my own. Pride can be an ugly thing. It’s wasn’t easy to swallow but once I did, I began a new journey in my life. 
In mid November of 2016 I took the plunge and began with SF. I laid off of potatoes, rice, cereal, sweets. Carb detox was not easy. I had lived off of nothing but carbs. And I began walking. Just a little every day, and I had to remember to bring my inhaler with me. If I forgot it, the walk had to be cut short. 
Between mid November and Jan 1, I lost 16 pounds! I know, that’s basically 6 weeks so that’s not a great weight loss. But during that time, my family took a 10 day vacation and we ate out at least once a day during 9 of those days. The other day was Thanksgiving at a family member’s home. Then there was the month long sweet fest known as Christmas. So, I feel like 16 pounds a huge accomplishment. 
I’ve added SBM and HB8 to my routine since then. I’m much more careful about what I eat. And I’m up to nearly 30 pounds lost! 

I can now walk for much longer times without the desperate need for my inhaler. I still use it, just not as much. My doctor said he may take me off of my high cholesterol medication!! My anti depressant medication dosage has been lowered. And I haven’t even needed my anti-anxiety medication. I still have my prescription, but haven’t taken a single pill this year. 
Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been self confident. I’ve always tried to blend in so no one would notice me. Since I’ve lost this weight, that has changed. I’ve began standing taller. I’ve began taking better care of myself. I’ve taken more interest in investing in myself. Because I finally realize that I am valuable.
This time I’m in this as a lifestyle not as a diet. This time I’ve changed my eating habits and added more movement. This time I plan to succeed. The next 20-30 pounds might be harder to lose, but I’m ok with that. I didn’t gain all this weight overnight so I know I won’t lose it overnight either. This time I know that cheating and sneaking doesn’t hurt anyone but me. And I’m done cheating myself.
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Laura lost a lot of weight on the 90 Day Challenge

17 Apr

Laura did great! 😀

I can’t believe this picture! I was so out of shape and literally killing myself. As a nurse I knew exactly what this could lead to, so I decided to do something about it. I tried to do it with no help. I lost some but I never could get it all off. I was at a standstill. A friend of mine had lost 130 with SBM and I decided to go all in and try it. It’s changed my life. And if you are willing to commit to 90 days, you’ll be well on your way to changing yours too. #weightloss #healthy
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Melanie has lost several pounds and inches

14 Apr

Hi everyone! This is Melanie and I just wanted to share another update with you.  

As many of you know, I have been suffering with an Achilles tendon tear, so my results have been somewhat slow because I’m not actually exercising much.  
My physical therapist told me not to wear tennis shoes if I can help it and I don’t want surgery, so I swim when I can and I do take walks, but really haven’t been walking that far. Just around my block for about 20 minutes and it’s not consistent like it should be. I’m waiting for warmer consistent weather 🙂 I do try to jog some when I take a walk, but have to be really careful how I step with my foot.
So, you can see my progress is truly pretty magnificent. I don’t eat out like I used to and try to prepare every meal at home. I may have a cup or two at the most of coffee per day and don’t deprive myself of anything, but don’t eat sweets, bread, or any other junk foods on a daily basis. If I want something sweet occasionally, I’ll eat it.
The most wonderful thing I’ve found about Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Max, is as you take it consistently you’ll find that when you do eat something sweet or salty….you’re not going to really want it because it changes your taste for it. Things that are sweet, become really sweet and things that are salty become more salty and you’re able to control yourself better.  
I have added Hiburn8 to my daily routine and love this product! I’m able to fall asleep much faster and stay asleep, but I measure my success by my stomach. I don’t weigh myself on the scale because the fiber helps to pack on muscle and so I only go by the way my clothes fit.
I’m wearing the same shirt in all three pictures. The first was taken in December 2015, the second in March of 2016 and the third in March of 2017. IT WORKS IF YOU TAKE IT CONSISTENTLY!!!
My doctor was quite surprised when I showed her my before and after pictures. Please get in touch with whoever is sharing this with you and order today!
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8 Tips to Reach your Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss Goals

12 Apr

Learn excatly how Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body MAX, HiBurn8, & E3 work

11 Apr
The formulator of Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body MAX, HiBurn8, and E3 discusses, in detail where our products come from and how they work.
The products are tested by a $7 Million Lab that’s monitored by the FDA each year before the products are produced and bottled.
Here is the link to the video:
Coach Marcus – 623-428-9622

Getting to Your Goals

10 Apr


Getting to your goals

Goal-setting is about making your dreams real. Knowing what you want and planning to accumulate smaller habits and skills that will get you to where you want to be.

Know what you want 

Start with “Who do I want to be?” Visualize the improvement you want to see in yourself – see yourself completing your transformation and think about what skills and habits you need to become that person.

Keep it simple 

Start with one small goal.  If you aren’t certain you can maintain the new habit for two weeks, pick something smaller – no activity is too small if it moves you toward your goal.

Pick for your Personality 

Choose an activity that leaves you feeling happy and confident. If you feel clumsy and inept at an activity then you will not continue, no matter how sincere your intentions. If you hate to get up early, then choose an afternoon workout. If a person commenting on your food choices makes you uncomfortable, eat somewhere away from the person making the comments. If you have an activity in mind that you’ve never done before, seek the help of a coach or trainer, or bring a friend along for your first few tries.

Remove the hassle 

Consider all the practical obstacles that stand between you and your new activity, and address them. Create the space in your schedule – perhaps you’ll add a reminder on your calendar, or bump up your alarm clock earlier for extra time. And do what you can ahead of time to eliminate the temptation to excuse your way out of it – pack your gym bag the night before, stop by the store on your way home for healthy lunch supplies – whatever it takes to make your new habit as hassle-free as possible.

Focus on the Process 

There are so many things in our lives that are out of our control, but if you can focus on the smaller goal first, you can make achieving your big goals as likely as possible.

Don’t over-think it 

Once you’ve made the decision to make a change, don’t dwell on it. Try not to check in with yourself to see if you want to do it – chances are it will feel uncomfortable at first. As the saying goes ‘Just Do It’ and check in with yourself after you’ve done it.

Plan for setbacks 

We’re human. We overestimate, get distracted, and lose focus, but at least we know we will. So, have a plan to get back on track. If you miss a few workouts or run through the fast food lane, have a plan for getting back on track. If your only option is perfection, then your only outcome will be failure.

Start Now 

Determine what you can do today to get one step closer to your goal. Focus your energy on that one next step. Once the goal is set, go for it – for two weeks before you focus on the next step.

“Coach Marcus” 
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