Marianne has lost several inches

24 May

Marianne says:

“Many inches gone, and 4 -5 pant size down! I didn’t check the scale ,as I preferred seeing visual changes instead of the number on the scale. I feel amazing!!! I used skinny body max, and added Hiburn8 a few months after starting.”

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Do you need to drink protein shakes to lose or gain weight?

11 May

New Websites for iCoinPro

8 May

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I like this better than Network Marketing

2 May

As much as I enjoy Network Marketing, it is AWESOME to earn profits everyday without RECRUITING. 😀

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Cynthia has lost 78 pounds

10 Apr

Cynthia just posted this in our group ❤️

As some of you know I have been doing a battery of tests lately to try and figure out some weird things that have been happening health wise…

I have to share… 2 years ago I did a dopplar on my neck and it showed plaque in the arteries that could potentially in time results in serious health issues.

Well… Last week we did another dopplar and ctscan… The results showed no signs of plaque in the arteries and the CT scan was clean. The dr said my brain showed no signs of anything and was amazed at how clean it was for someone who is 55 years old…

The only thing I can chalk these test findings up to is the natural products I have been using on my journey to regain my health.

Do they work? Heck yes!!!

Bonus I have also lost 78 lbs now but what really is amazing is how they have helped clear the arteries. ❤

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Principles of Healthy Eating & Living

3 Apr

Everyone wants to eat and live healthy.
Is it really that difficult? Living healthy
can be as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Maintain a healthy weight.
2. Eat healthy.
3. Exercise 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Living healthy means more energy,
longevity, improved quality of life,
not to mention lowering your risk of
heart disease, stroke, diabetes,
osteoarthritis, and high blood pressure.


Heather rocked her weight loss challenge

27 Mar

Great job, Heather!!!

“Yesterday I put My before and after face pics side by side and the difference amazed me. Everyday I know my body feels better but a picture speaks a thousand words. I remember how sick I was when I started and I know how much better I feel now. This is possible for you too! If I can do it anyone can. Skinny Body Care changed my life! Between the weight loss and health benefits I’ve never felt better!!!”

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