Nova Smart Coffee Presentation

28 Feb

Heart & Body Naturals Story in 10 Minutes

3 Jun

Sherry has 33 Pounds since March 2020

22 May

Sherry is using our organic weight loss products and says:

“I’ve lost over 33 pounds since March and still losing love this stuff.”

(No medical claims made. This is a customer testimonial)

#weightloss #loseweight

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Lisa has lost weight and inches

20 May

My friend Lisa ❤️❤️❤️

So I had a moment this morning, some of you might be able to relate to this. I had a feeling fat moment 🤦‍♀️ yep I do that once and awhile 😒 so I pull out my Capri pants that I bought last year size 8 thinking 🤔 I’m never going to get these on 🤦‍♀️ well guess what ? I got them on with no issues at all. I have a bit of a belly I’m working on trying to get it to leave, and it’s slowly going away. I need to stop having these moments. I’m sure there’s some who can relate to this, we need to see ourselves as others see us and stop the negative thoughts that pop into our heads. Yes I am guilty for it as well 🤦‍♀️ we are all beautiful xoxo
No medical claims just real life experience ❤️

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Nova Smart Coffee Presentation

14 May

Weight Loss Help

12 May

Summer is coming close!! Are you wanting to lose weight?

People are using Slimmer and Vitalitea to get healthier!!! (Slimmer is a great weight loss powder you blend with any liquid, smoothie, shake or yogurt 1-3 times a day!) and Vitalitea which is our yummy tasting gentle detox tea that helps with burning fat, reduces stress and bloating, increases energy and supports the immune system.

These two fit in with any diet plan and you don’t have to deprive yourself 😀

Ask me for a $25.00 savings too ❤️

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#loseweight #weightloss

Heart & Body Naturals Coffee Talk – May 4, 2020

5 May

Nigella Sativa & Frankincense Skin Care Line

30 Apr

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