Income Shifting Presentation 2018 | Marcus Jones

14 Jul

I am excited!! Yep

10 Jul

I am excited!!

I saw it what everyone was doing and decided to go in the opposite direction with something that could flop or be a game changer.

The word is spreading and we are crushing it. Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers, Network Marketers,and Business Owners are starting to get it!

1. Marketing funnels in a box ready to go from day 1.

2. Ability to build your own funnels from scratch and not templates.

3.Grading system so you only talk to real prospects and not junk leads.

4. Call center that calls your leads for you on your behalf.

5. Compensation plan built for big pay runs weekly and monthly.

6.Ground Floor (Just Launched Saturday)

7. First pay run this week.

8. Learn the tools top marketers use to leverage their time.

  • How to generate traffic non stop!
  • Free traffic
  • Paid traffic
  • PPC
  • Solo Ads
  • Safe lists,
  • Facebook ads and more

9. VIP closing center!

Commission sales staff that calls your prospects and closes your sales for you! They don’t get paid unless you do!

10. Fastest growing team in the company!

This system is built by and for marketers! No matter what you’re marketing, this is simply amazing! This will work with any MLM or Affiliate program.

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I finally found the BEST Online Business EVER

28 Jun

Sara has lost 5 pounds and 2 inches in 8 days

28 Jun

Sara lost 5 pounds and 2 inches in 8 days!

“👶 I had a baby last November

😜 I GAINED 40 lbs!!

💯 I started my #SkinnyFiber #100ozWaterDaily #minimalcarbs #nopasta #nopotatoes #norice #nobread routine 8 days ago.

💯 5 lbs and 2 inches gone already! I don’t know why I’m surprised. I know this stuff works already! Proof. Second time around.”

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219,510 Marketers have found the Golden Goose

16 Jun


Team Elite has entered free Pre-launch


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Worry about the details later! There’s no risk!


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Marianne tried P4 for 3 months

13 Jun

Marianne L. just posted this in our team group:

“Still can’t believe that was me! Took skinny body max for fat loss. Then 3 months ago decided to try out P4 as a protein shake and lifting weights! Wow this protein is amazing, already seeing great results!! These products changed my life!!! ❤️”

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Wow! I bit off more than I can chew

12 Jun

WOW! I have bit off more than I can chew! We re-launched Team Elite and it’s gone insane in just 4 days! We haven’t officially launched and we are rocking! We are adding people to the team group as fast as we, but need your help. 🆘

1. When you join Pre-launch, login and go thru the steps! It’s easy peezy! Join the Corporate Facebook group! Watch the product and compensation videos (They are AWESOME!) 😀

2. Post and Share! Build now while it’s free! Upgrade when you get it! It’s that simple. 👍

3. We are going to crush this, but slow down on the team side! I’m only one person! I did not expect this movement to go this fast, but we have it under control! ✅

Comment “Info” for the Pre-launch link!

Let’s GOOOO!


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