The big 5 nutritional rules for success

11 Dec

The big 5 nutritional rules for success

Weight loss is complicated!  You are bombarded with magazines, news stories, different programs, co-workers opinions, and the list goes on and on.  Well, let me uncomplicated weight loss.  There are 5 simple rules that will yield awesome results.

1.   You need to know how many calories your body needs per day.  

2.   You also need to know how many calories are in the foods you are eating.  I know this might sound like a daunting task, however it is not.  Almost everyone owns a smart phone and almost everyone knows what an app is.  There are many app’s, however there is one that I like to use called Calorie Counter.  The app is free and very useful.

3.   Eat foods high in fiber.  You need to get 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day.  If you do not know how much fiber is in your favorite food, refer to the Calorie Counter app.  The Calorie Counter app will show you all of the nutritional information.

4.   Try to incorporate some protein into each meal.  You should have at least 10% of your calories from protein.  To calculate how many calories from protein you will need to know how many calories per day your body needs.  The equation is simple.  Total Calories times .1 and then divide by 4.  This will calculate how many grams of protein you need in each meal.  For example: I need 2000 calories per day so I need at least 50 grams of protein per day.

5.   Drink at least 60 fluid ounces of water per day!  Your body is made up of nearly 70% water.  All bodily functions depend on water. 

I guarantee if you follow the big 5 nutritional rules for two months you will lose weight.  These are the same rules that I follow.  They are simple and they work if you apply them regularly. 



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