Tricia’s Weight Loss Journey

13 Mar


“Ok..So I have been on Skinny Fiber since October 12th and have never really typed out a true testimony. So here goes:

I was not always overweight. I was actually a size 2 prior to having children. I never weighed more that 110 pounds. I started having children at a young age. My first was born when I was just 17 years old. I was in an abusive relationship and had lost all sense of myself. During my pregnancy I gained 100 pounds. My starting weight was 105 and the day I delivered I weight 205. 3 Months after giving birth, my sons father and I were divorced. By the time my son was 6 months old, I was back down to around 115 pounds. The stress of being a young single mom had a hand in that Im sure. A year later I remarried, was able to maintain my weight loss until I was got pregnant with my 2nd child. Weighed 115 when I got pregnant with her, weighed 225 when I delivered her. At first, I did not lose the weigh nearly as fast as I did after having my son. When she was bout 9 months old, we found out that she was sick. We spent most of our time in the hospital. Her first everything was spent in the hospital, by the time she was 2..she had already had 10 surgeries..the stress of that..having a yong child at home was rough..which I believe aided in me losing weight. I was able to maintain around 135-140. She continued to get worse over the years…we battled many different illnesses and were in the hospital more than we were home. By the time she was 4 we were up to 20 surgeries. I had an amazing family to help me with my son and my husband was also a huge help. Things started slowly getting better…surgeries slowed down..things were looking was my weight. I was up around 160. Sounds funny as that is my goal weight now. When she turned 5 I delivered my 3rd child..weighing it at 220! 6 days after my 3rd child was born, my 44 year old mom(my angel) passed away from a sudden heart attack. My life spiraled down hill fast!! I got back down to around 145 over a course of about 7 months. Starting getting my life back and then had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. Put on a little weigh, but not much. Nothing I couldnt handle. 2 years after my mother passed, my father (my best friend in the entire world) was killed in a car accident. life felt like it was out of my control..this time instead of the stress causing me to shot right back up!! I got up to around 200. 6 months after my dad’s passing, Im still not in the most normal frame of mind..I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Total hysterectomy at age 27..devistated!! 3 months later..divorce from a 13 year marriage..devistated!! The divorce diet kicked back down to around 150. Moved, started a whole new life and found the man I am married to today! The love of my life! Well..with that..comes happiness, comfort, and quite honestly..laziness! Weight back up to nearly 200lbs!! I tried it all…every fad diet..every pill, name it..I have done it. Some came with short term success..but usually made me feel awful!! I met an amazing lady who introduced me to Skinny Fiber. I thought why not?..Ive spent so much over the years..what is one more time gonna hurt, plus..this one I can actually send back for a refund if it doesnt work! Purchased, and have not felt as good as I do now in YEARS!! I am down nearly 30lbs and 30″ all over!! No more hot flashes, headaches are gone…my adult cystic acne is nearly insomnia..gone!! My life is forever changed!! So, with all that being said..and it was a lot, lol…take a chance! Take a change on gaining back your life, you confidence, losing weight, and honestly..feeling great!!”

Skinny Fiber is awesome!


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