Great Weight Loss Story from Annette

17 Mar

Great story from Annette. 

“I got close to 240 pounds, I knew I needed help getting my eating under control. My clothes were all so tight that I was wearing my husband’s sweat pants most of the time instead of jeans. I was out of breathe all the time and taking several naps everyday. I was totally depressed and ashamed of myself. 

In May, 2012, a great friend of mine,told me about a product called Skinny Fiber and I ordered some. I was very happy with the results and got down to 214 pounds in my first 90 days.

 July 27, 2012, my husband had 2 heart attacks. The doctors put in 9 stents. Besides his heart, his diabetes was totally out of control. We needed to make big changes – his life depended on it. 

With all the costs involved in his medical care, I didn’t think I could afford Skinny Fiber and with all the lifestyle changes we were making, I didn’t think I needed it. Over the next few months I continued to lose weight and got down to just under 200. I was 199 pounds and very happy. 

By March, 2013, I was starting to regain the weight I had lost – 201, 205, 207. I truly believe that taking Skinny Fiber for those three months had increased my metabolism enough that I continued to lose weight, especially with all other changes we had made to eat better and exercise. Then, as time went on, I began returning to my former eating habits and not walking as much because it was too cold out. It was time to get a hold of Denice and Skinny Fiber. 

After being back on Skinny Fiber for two weeks, I’m again back down to 195. I cannot even tell you how different I feel. I’m feeling better every day. My clothes fit better and I’m wearing things I haven’t been able to in a long long time. It’s great to be back to using my husband’s t-shirts for pajamas again instead of wearing them because I have to. 

Skinny Fiber not only helps me eat better portions but keeps me from being hungry all the time. The more weight I lose, the more energy I have as well. On a side note, my husband has lost tremendous amounts of weight as well even tho he refused to take Skinny Fiber. But now he is at a point where he is at a stand still no matter what he does. He will be taking his own Skinny fiber very soon and I will have another story to add.” 

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