Roger has lost 121 lbs!..BAM! Read what he says

25 Mar
“There is something to be said about someone who is tired of the way they look and feel. A lot of people hope that it will get better and there are a small handful that get up and make it happen! I found myself at over 350 pounds. My health was terrible, I never felt good and I for sure did not look good. I started walking, exercising and any video work-out that I could get my hands on…I dropped down to 298 pounds and could not budge.I introduced the 17 day diet into my eating habits and the weight just fell off, being concerned about loose skin, I worked out in the gym two hours a day five days a week, to the point that I lost too much weight too quickly and actually looked a little sick.

Then I found Skinny Fiber, and everything changed. It has helped to melt away the problem areas that were still unattractive, and has made being “ripped” an easier goal to reach. The more muscle I build, the better it looks, and Skinny Fiber helps the leftover fat to disappear! The picture on the far right is where I am at today!

If you are looking for a shortcut to victory then I HIGHLY suggest you take Skinny Fiber! The precepts that cause it to be effective will pull the weight off you in no time flat, but likewise I recommend a healthy diet, clean eating, and a workout plan!

Bottom line is you can make it to your goal, do not doubt that one bit, get a determination, add some dedication, and take your skinny fiber daily and you will accomplish what you have determined to do!”
—–Roger Howard
Learn more about Skinny Fiber at




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