5 Simple Nutrition Rules for Fat Loss

6 May



5 Simple Nutrition Rules for Fat Loss 

1. Plan your meals wisely: Meats, fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, dairy such as cottage cheese and yogurt, and whole grains are always your best bets. Processed food, fast food, and snacks with high fat and sugar should be tabbed sparingly to quell cravings.

2. Don’t get into a patter of Binge and Starve: The key to weight loss is to maintain a calorie balance – just enough to keep your body out of “starvation made,” where your system hoards all excess calories as fat. Every two and a half to three hours daily, from the moment you wake up until evening, and taper your carbohydrates toward bedtime. Perhaps, take in a protein shake before bed so as to protect muscle mass overnight during your sleeping “fast.”

3. Drink plenty of H2O (Water): Water consumption is crucial to your physique, your performance and overall well-being. Remain hydrated because water can even help curb cravings by lessening your appetite. A good standard for hard-training individuals is a gallon of water per day. It wouldn’t hurt to take in a little extra before mealtime to further blunt your appetite.

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