Cher’s testimony: Arthritis (Gone!), Fibromyalgia (Gone!), IBS (Gone!), Acid Reflux (Gone!), Depression (Gone!), Fatigue (Gone!)

27 May



This Cher, who just shared her Skinny Fiber testimony with us……..Way to go Cher!  

This is what she has to say: 

“Hi everyone.. wanted to share my latest with ya’s
8 week UPDATE
LOSS 40 inches
LOSS 15 lbs
April 5 – May 27/13
So much good has happened to me: All Arthritis(RA/OA), Fibro, IBS, Acid Reflux, Depression and Fatigue IS GONE! I take Skinny Fiber!! I LOVE Skinny Fiber!
I have a long ways to go before I get to goal, but this has given me optimum motivation!! putting photos side x side is a HUGE motivator!! Thanks Skinny Fiber for giving me my life back!!! I was very sick and in a lot of pain & deep depression until week 3 of taking SF no one ever can tell me it doesn’t work! I am forever grateful to God who placed it in my life and the makers of SF for making up the right blend! I thank so many who have and continue to support me on my journey of better health!”
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