Is hiring a Personal Trainer worth it?

25 Jun



Is hiring a Personal Trainer worth it?

Using a personal trainer, whether it’s for one session, one month, or one year, is rewarding because it allows the focus to be on you. 

It’s wonderful to learn what your body needs and what exercises your body reacts to through someone who has immense knowledge of fitness, nutrition and health. It’s a personal cheerleader who wants you to succeed, whether you’re just looking for a good workout or working towards a certain goal.

The benefits include:

Increased Motivation

A certified personal trainer can provide structure and accountability to your fitness routine, and help you develop a lifestyle that encourages health. 

An Individualized program

If you have any chronic health conditions, injuries or training goals (increasing your stamina, for example) a trainer will work with you and your health care provider to plan a safe, efficient program that considers these needs and enables you to reach your goals. 

Time savings

A personal trainer has a plan and will help you get maximum results in minimum time. 

Guidance for a newbie

If you are an absolute beginner, a personal trainer is a great first step. A good trainer will introduce you to a very simple, effective routine. 

Get to the next step

If you are stuck in the same routine and want to break a plateau in weight or fitness, a personal trainer will jump start not only your motivation, but your routine as well. 

Train the trainer

Going to a personal trainer for a few months may be all you need to get the basics and the discipline for an ongoing fitness regimen. All good personal trainers will teach you the basics of building and modifying a fitness program to achieve your goals. 

Safety first

A personal trainer watches your form, monitors your vitals and can provide objective feedback about your limits and strengths. Most of us tend to ignore some of the subtle signals our body provides. We either push through pain or give up too soon. Because a personal trainer can watch what you are doing while you are doing it, they can help push you or slow you down as necessary. 

House calls

Many personal trainers make house calls. If you don’t have the type or interest in going to a gym, but have a hard time knowing what to do on your own at home, a personal trainer can bring fitness into your living room. 

Reaching your weight loss goals

There is a good reason that the number one reason people hire personal trainers is to lose weight and get into shape — it works. If you made a resolution to lose the fat and build the muscle, a trainer can keep you on track and help you realize that goal. 

Before you hire a personal trainer you should ask the following questions:

• What are your qualifications and certification? 

A qualified personal trainer has an education in physiology, health promotion, athletic training, kinesiology or a similar field. They should have first aid and CPR certification as well as certification from a reputable organization such as ACSM, ACE, IDEA, YMCA, NSCA or similar.

• Do you have liability insurance?

They should answer yes. 

• What are your policies and procedures?

A personal trainer should have a documented policy explaining their services, costs, cancellations, length of contract, and emergency procedures. They should also require a medical clearance form to be completed before they work with you. 

Finally, you should feel comfortable with the trainer, his/her style of communication and the expectations of your time together.


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