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Made some tasty water

16 Jul

Made some tasty water:  1 Lemon and some strawberries in a pitcher of water.


Burpees are fun!

16 Jul


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6 Things You Need to Know

15 Jul


Here are 6 things you need to know to change your body and your health:

1. Control your potions:  Don’t eat until you’re full.  Eat until you’re not hungry.

2. Pay attention to everything you eat:  Fresh vegetables, lean meats, and foods lower in fat and high in fiber form the basis of proper nutrition.

3. Maintain a consistent eating schedule:  This is very IMPORTANT.  Stick to a good eating schedule so you don’t get hungry and overeat.  This will keep fuel in your body to rebuild itself after exercise.

4. Hydrate and cleanse your body by drinking WATER:  Your body is around 70% WATER.  Drink at least 2 liters or 8 glass of WATER per day.

5. Strengthen your diet with a multivitamin (if needed):  A great multivitamin will ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need as you’re cutting calories.

6. Refrain from eating at the wrong times or for the wrong reasons:  Make sure you avoid eating right before bedtime or because you’re feeling stressed or bored.

Feel free to share this 6 things with your friends and family.

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Be About It!

11 Jul

Be About It!

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