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Cherie gave up Chai Tea Latte and lost 45 Pounds!

30 Sep

Cherie is 45 pounds lighter! 

Here’s what she says: 

“So here we go. A few months ago I started on my healthy journey. I had a little health scare, I lost my aunt to Cancer and I wasn’t feeling my best. I thought to myself I needed to make a choice. Keep not living the way I was living or start living and be a healthy role model for my kids! That is me in the picture to the left. I have two young children and I am 38 years young. I decided to take control of my life and get healthy. I stated searching for support and people who were on the same journey as me. Then I found a website called Fancy’s healthy friends. I got lots of recipes from there and then started to see posts about skinny fiber. There was no way I was going to spend money on a diet pill. But then I started to read testimonies and thought what the heck what do I have to lose? I spend 4 dollars on a chai tea latte why not put that money toward something that could help me get healthy. Several months later here I am. 45 pounds lighter, I have way more energy. I am eating vegetables I would have never looked at in my life. Skinny fiber changed my taste buds, helped me with my thyroid and today as I sit I am the healthiest I have ever been. I am still on my journey of being the healthiest me I can be but I am every so grateful for the leg up with skinny fiber!” 

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3 Day Rebate Opportunity

28 Sep




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Wanna Know Why I Planted my Flag at Skinny Body Care?

25 Sep

Wanna know why I Planted my Flag at Skinny Body Care?

Watch this video.
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19 pounds and several inches gone from using Skinny Fiber

21 Sep



Wanda’s Skinny Fiber Story: 

“19lbs down…Started Skinny Fiber March 09, 2013… Inches, I have No, Idea, But Lost Inches first SBC 4 LIFE 

Hello Everyone here are is my Skinny Fiber update!
Hi, My name is Wanda, I am 40 and I am from Mississippi, mother of 4 and I have 3 grandchildren. As far as Weight I was 256 and I am now down to 241lbs. I love my Skinny Fiber, and once I reach my goal weight, i will still be using because it has a lot of health benefits. Yes, Skinny Fiber ROCKS!! Just not dealing with Acid Reflux, Hot Flashes, And Monthly Cramps and Headaches was enough to win me over. And to think i actually stumbled up on this from being nosey on Facebook.

Haven’t been to the gym in over 5 months or exercised, got to start back walking, because I love how I feel after walking releasing the days stress! Right now I am just focusing on getting the weight off because waking up all through the night because you are strangling and gasping for air every 30 minutes will really take a toll on you, and I knew it was because of all the weight I had put on, and dealing with acid reflux because of weight…..I WILL NOT GO BACK TO THAT. I do not have headaches every day, I have more energy to hang with the kids. I HAVE NOT HAD THOSE TERRIBLE CRAMPS. 7 DAY PERIODS OR HEAVY BLEEDING SINCE I STARTED TAKING SKINNY FIBER, WISH I HAD FOUND IT SOONER …ALL IN ALL I WILL BE TAKING IT EVEN AFTER I REACH MY WEIGHT GOAL, BECAUSE OF THE HEALTH BENEFITS I AM GETTING FROM IT, just lowering the dosage.

My Heaviest was 269 in 2010 you can see it on my face where I have the dark blue shirt, I didn’t even know I had gotten that big, I was always around 175lbs, and that was perfect for me being 5″6″ and constantly on the go, But I want to live to be able to enjoy my grandchildren, So Now I EAT TO LIVE.” 


The Great Debate: Under or Over?

20 Sep


Today is Funny Friday in my world.  


Just for fun:  


Are you an ….OVER or UNDER?….. the Great Debate….Feel Free to Comment and Share 

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19 Sep

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My Email is blowing up with Skinny Body Care Emails!

14 Sep
More and more people are learning about Skinny Fiber, Ageless, and Skinny Body Care.
These are the emails I’ve received this month.


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