Still Wondering if Skinny Fiber Works!!

27 Nov

Still Wondering if Skinny Fiber Works!!
All I can say is WOW!!!

“Hi it’s Alisha! So here is my story. I am a juvenile detention officer, part time. It came down from the top that we were going to have to go through the academy; and to get into the academy we were going to have to pass a physical.

I was at 230 lbs!! My thinking, “All right time to get this done, let’s go!” So I started doing low carb on Sept 21st, 2012. So by December I had lost 25 lbs, was down from a 24 pants to a 20. In comes the proverbial wall!! Stuck for a month!! So my very good friend told me about her friend that was using something called Skinny Fiber. What 60 bucks?

All right, at this point I was ready to try anything, and within two week I was done another pant size. I have not looked back. I continue to do low carb along with my Skinny Fiber and I am down another 40 lbs and over 70 inches!! WOOHOO!! I feel absolutely AMAZING!! I wish I had found out about it earlier! It has changed my life, I have my confidence back and I am ready to kick fat’s butt! Also, I have since found out that we do not have to go to the academy…but I am continuing my journey because I hope to inspire some people.”

What are you waiting for????
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