26 Mar


This Courtney’s testimony:

:Oh my gosh! One year ago who would’ve ever imagined that I would’ve had a waistline? At only 5 foot tall and 308 pounds the only curve I had was a round one. I had just about given up hope. My boys were getting ready to graduate and I was divorced. I felt like being this way was my destiny. No one would want me like this, I didn’t even want myself. 

The hardest part about being morbidly obese the last 20 years was missing out on life. No one knows how many times I sat in my house or laid in my bed and cried. I felt so helpless. The worst, was having to sit there and watch my boys grow up without having the energy or stamina to play with them. To always make excuses of why I had to watch them from out the window. To be embarrassed to look people in the eyes because I was so ashamed of myself. To turn the other way if I saw an old school friend because i didn’t want them to see how bad I have let myself go. 

With severe sleep apnea I would wake up many times a night gasping for air. Sometimes I would be afraid to go to bed because I would be scared I wouldn’t wake up. As much as I didn’t want to live, I didn’t want to leave my boys alone. Something in my heart always told me to not give up hope. I’m so glad I listened. 

Wow! What a difference a year makes! I have lost 90 pounds and I’m still going. My confidence is greater than it has ever been. Seeing the look of proudness in my 2 sons eyes make it all worth it. 

I am now doing things I have only dreamed of! Tubing, paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, and lots of traveling. I was even on Lifetime Television! 

The accomplishment that I am most proud of this year is getting an award from my company for inspiration. A year ago I couldn’t even inspire myself! I have learned as you lift up and help other people, you end up helping yourself. So I encourage each of you, whether or not you’re on a weight-loss journey, help others. Lift them up, encourage them. You never know where it could put your life a year from now.”

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