Charlotte lost 18 pounds in 90 days!

9 Apr

“Hello, This is Charlotte and I’m a fairly new Skinny Fiber user.

I started on Dec. 8th 2013 and was only interested in losing some weight but because I have a Hair Salon business in my home, I thought-what the heck, I’ll pay the $10 to be a DT (Distributor) too since it was such a low fee. If I lost weight, people would want to do what I’m doing and would order from me. I didn’t have a lot to lose but in 90 days I lost 18 pounds! Yay! I’ve also been so happy to help other friends, family, and clients to start their weight loss journey.

For myself, I’ve also had health benefits. It’s embarrassing to say but I had a terrible problem with gas and similar symptoms of IBS. When I went out, I always had to know where the bathroom was because “it” would hit me urgently. I also had to leave my clients often(sometimes twice!) during the time of their appointment. This was really embarrassing to me as a hairstylist. So day #1 of taking Skinny Fiber……I have NO problems. NO GAS! NO URGENT BATHROOM VISITS!

The other thing it helped me with is to not overeat. I ate like a truck driver. Any Hair Stylists out there can relate to how we end up shoveling our food in to get back behind the chair. My friends and my husband can attest that I finished my food before any one else and was always filling my plate again for the 2nd helping. I ate like a truck driver, seriously!! (sorry truck drivers!)
When I went to the Doctor after two months, I had lost 15 pounds and lowered my cholesterol by 15%. When I started Skinny Fiber, I took it as directed and also drank the amount of water that you are supposed to drink: 1/2 your body weight in ounces. This is vitally important to weight loss! Immediately, I was able to take smaller servings and feel fuller with less food.
I plan on taking this supplement forever! It has the highest form of fiber we can get and with all of my health benefits, who could blame me for continuing a lifetime of it.”


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