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Banana Pancakes

26 Jun



Banana Pancakes
(ONLY 2 ingredients)

1 banana
2 eggs

Mix ingredients until smooth batter. Use greased nonstick pan on medium heat, pour small amounts of batter in pan and cook on both sides.

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Tracy lost 11 pounds and 19.5 inches on the SBC 90 Day Challenge

24 Jun


Check out Tracy…

“Update!!! I’ve completed my 90 day challenge with Skinny Fiber!! I am 40 years old and thought I would never look thin again! I have not exercised. I try to drink more water but its hard for me. 80 ounces a day if I can (Half my body weight in ounces). I will admit that this month I have missed a lot of my pills and was eating horribly again AND drinking way toooooo much but I’m back on track! SF makes me feel full and I eat less. Love it! My acid reflux is gone!! No more throwing up in the shower or on myself in the car (I know, GROSS). I lost 11 pounds and 19.5 inches all around which is the MAIN THING I NEEDED. Also my anxiety has not been bothering me and my nails are super strong! I LOVE SKINNY FIBER!!! (Look how baggie the bathing suit bottoms are getting, teehee)”

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Teen Weight Loss Challenge!

23 Jun

My goal is to help 3 teenagers get started on their weight loss journey before the end of June.  If they complete the 90 Day Challenge, they’ll have a chance to win an iPad.  See how it works at 

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Aishah has lost several inches off her stomach with Skinny Fiber

20 Jun

Aishah has lost several inches off her stomach with Skinny Fiber

Hi this is Aishah:

“I took the 90 Day Challenge with Skinny Fiber. Today is my 81st day, of the challenge and I am posting my before and after pictures. I am pretty amazed with the product. I have tried other products, but nothing worked. I believed my metabolism died.

My weight gain begin after my hysterectomy in 1999. At that time I weighed about 160 lbs, size 12/14. One year after the surgery, I had gained 100 lbs. I knew I was gaining weight, but I didn’t know why, and what to do about it. I just kept buying bigger clothes, up to a size 24. At size 24, I said no more sizes up, so I stabilized at size 22. I’m not a big eater and I walked 2 miles a day to work. Finally I just gave up and begin to live with it, like this is who I am – take it or leave it.
When Skinny Fiber came on my facebook page, I ignored it, because products with fiber in them do not work well with my system. They work a little too good and too fast (runs). Skinny Fiber, no not for me.

Something (I don’t believe in coincidence) made me check out the type of fiber that was in the product….like I know the difference. But I did say maybe along with the other ingredients the fiber might be so bad. So I tried Skinny Fiber and here I am 81 days later. I have lost a hugh amount of belly fat, 10lbs, and one dress size. I’m taking another 90 Day Challenge and however many it takes to lose 100 lbs. Oh, I mean 90 lbs, excuse me.

Take the 90 Day Challenge with me.”

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The 4 Year Plan or the 40 Year Plan?

18 Jun

Which plan do you prefer?

The 4 Year Plan or the 40 Year Plan?

The 4 Year Plan: Join a good Network Marketing company and work hard for 4 years to create generational Wealth. 

The 40 Year Plan: Out of a typical 100 people, who work a job for 40 years: 5 are still working and can’t retire, 36 retired and died, 54 are dead broke or earning far less than when they were employed, 4 are well-off financially, and only 1 is wealthy.

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Ruth’s Skinny Fiber Success Story

18 Jun

Ruth says:

“Beginning, 30 days & 1 year! …. 
Skinny Fiber reduced my portion sizes. 
Eliminated cravings for junk. Including but not limited to: French Vanilla Coffee/Cappuccino, Dr Pepper, Fudge Covered Graham Crackers, Heath Candy Bars, Garlic Cheese Bread w/Marinara Sauce.
Blocked fat & calories.
Stimulated my metabolism. 
Detoxed my cells & organs.
Helped my body properly digest, process food & eliminate waste.
Helped me reverse being dehydrated.
Shrank my stomach. (a LOT less expensive than gastric bypass with no side effects)
I did NOT:
COUNT calories or points
DRINK meal replacement shakes
EAT pre made meals
(and I didn’t exercise either, but WE SHOULD! ) 
QUIT taking Skinny Fiber
Take 2 Skinny Fiber capsules 2X daily with 16oz water. (well, for the first 6 months anyway … I have struggled this year taking 2 doses EVERY day )
Drink half my body weight in oz of water
Eat the same meals I have always prepared for my family. … though I have found myself wanting more raw veggies & so started serving them with dinner. !!! 
Have a treat when I wanted one. 
Quit drinking French Vanilla Coffee/Cappuccino & Soda Pop (Been TRYING TO QUIT FOR ABOUT 10 YEARS!!! ALWAYS MISERABLY FAILED! )”

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Amanda lost 15 pounds and over 16 inches in 90 Days

11 Jun

Amanda 6.11.14

Amanda’s story!

“Here’s my 90 day challenge completion!!!!

After seeing my before pic (from July) at my kids’ baptism I was sick to my stomach and decided I needed to make some changes.
Starting in Sept 2013 I started doing portion control and drinking more water throughout the day. I also quit drinking pop and fast food. On my own from Sept – Nov I lost a total of 25 lbs and 3 pants sizes and shirt sizes. I took the holidays off so I could enjoy being with my family and was able to maintain my weight for 4 months but wasn’t able to get going again on losing.

In February I bought my first bottle of Skinny Fiber and started taking it on March 1, 2014. In my first month I lost 6 inches overall but no weight without changing anything I was already doing and with no exercise…that’s when I knew this product worked and decided I wanted to help others and joined as a distributor!!!

I just completed my first 90 day challenge and I have lost a total of 15 lbs and over 16 inches overall. I’ve also dropped a pants size and a shirts size.

When I started my weight loss journey I was wearing a size 18/20 in pants and am now in a size 11/12 (a size I haven’t worn since jr. high but I’m still weighing more than I did at that time). Losing the inches is absolutely amazing!!!

I love Skinny Fiber and can’t wait to see what my next 90 day challenge brings me!!!! Thank you everyone for all your support and inspirations!!!”

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