Kerry has lost 27 pounds and 24 inches since April 2014

14 Jul

Kerry Meyer 7.14.14

Kerry says:

“I started my 90 day challenge back in April….I have lost 27 lbs and 24 inches all over! I deal with HBP, hypothyroidism, arthritis, pre-diabetes and pain from an auto accident I was in a few years ago, so losing weight is difficult for me. My weight has always been a struggle for me since I was in elementary school when I began gaining. I am an emotional eater and sometimes I seem to never feel full. I saw a post on FB one day about a year ago from someone who posted a recipe. I liked it and started to follow her. She posted a lot of great stuff and some of these were about this product called Skinny Fiber. I watched her lose 85 lbs on this during the 9 months I followed her. I finally decided to give this a try. I was skeptical since I have tried many products before and nothing ever helped or I wasn’t able to try a product because of my thyroid condition/HBP. Since Skinny Fiber is all natural, with no added stimulants or drugs, I ordered my first bottle. I didn’t even take it when it first came….I was still afraid to take it thinking I had wasted my money. I finally did start, I could always return the empty bottle if I didn’t like it for my money back so I opened it up. By the end of my first week on it, I noticed I was fuller at meals. I started drinking water…a lot. At least 80 oz a day now. I decided to give up soda. During my second month I began exercising…I am limited due to my injuries but I am walking and biking…joined the YMCA and love it! My whole family goes now and we all work out. I am a work in progress…my journey has only just begun. I just wish I started on Skinny Fiber earlier!”

What are you waiting for?

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