The Benefits of Keeping a Food Log

2 Jun

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The Benefits of Keeping a Food Log

A food journal is a valuable tool on your weight loss journey. The act of recording what you eat, when you eat it can improve your eating habits and help you to make lifelong changes.

The very act of maintaining a food journal and writing down what you eat and when may help to keep you accountable and lead to weight loss. People who keep a food journal lose twice as much weight as those who do not. Writing down what you eat prevents mindless eating, keeps you focused on your diet and provides you with an honest assessment of your daily calorie intake.

Your food journal should include more than just what you ate. Write down when you ate and how you were feeling at the time. You may find that your journal helps you to recognize and correct negative eating patterns, such as a tendency to eat for emotional reasons rather than hunger. If you see a pattern of late night snacks, eating out of boredom or sadness, or recognize that celebratory meals are a bit out of hand, you can correct these behaviors and keep your weight loss on track.

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