Kristina lost 79 pounds using Skinny Fiber

12 Jun

Kristina RiggsKristina says:

“I began when I was 411 pounds at 5’4” tall. Needless to say it was very hard to move around. I was diabetic and on 3 different medications to control my sugar. Now, I am 332 pounds and on NO SYNTHETIC medications for my diabetes at all. I control it entirely with diet and exercise. I take 6 SF pills a day total, 2 before each meal. My meal size is incredibly lower, I drink water like nobody’s business, and I can actually walk without pain and discomfort. I am far from done, now that I know what a wonderful product SF is, I have become a distributor to help others get healthy as well.

I actually have a number size on my jeans now, when I began I could literally only wear those stretchy cloth pants that have only XXXXL on them and no number…I am so happy to be in a number size!”

Great job, Kristina!

See how Skinny Fiber can help you at

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