4 Ways to Strengthen Your Feet

17 Jun

Foot picture4 Ways to Strengthen Your Feet

There is a very significant core in our body that needs to be strong- a core that goes beyond the traditional abdominal and low back core. You guessed it- the foot core! Feet strength can affect multiple different parts of our body such as the ankles, hips, lower back, abs, posture, walking, and even the space in your chest where your lungs live.

Here are 4 quick, everyday things you can do to strengthen your foot core.

Walk on Uneven Surfaces

When venturing into the outdoors you see rocks, hills, dirt, inclines and declines, and a variety of other fluctuations in the terrain. While walking on such surfaces, the joint angles of your ankles, knees, hips, and the tiny bones, ligaments, and muscles in your feet are being challenged. Begin to make it a point to venture off concrete and pavement and onto these natural surfaces. Rather than walking on that set path, walk around gravel, grass, dirt, and the other terrain on either side of the pavement.

Stretch Your Toes

With your feet always compressed in your shoes, it needs some stretching and relief. Stretch the spaces between your toes by interlacing your toes and fingers together. An alternative is to buy toe spreaders or a toe spreader socks that does this job for you while you’re standing or sleeping.


This method to get your feet stronger is quite simple. Stand on one leg every opportunity that you can. This could include when you’re standing at your desk, brushing your teeth, cooking a meal, etc. With practice, you’ll be able to progress to one leg standing on uneven surfaces. Once an advanced balancer, try standing on a foam roller or a scrunched up towel or pillow.

Roll Your Feet

Try keeping a golf ball under your desk. Roll it around in circles under each foot at random times throughout the day. When you’re sitting for a long period of time, kick off those shoes and give those feet a little massage. Wiggle those toes around, and knead out those feet. Try pressing the balls of your feet against the wall to get a nice foot and calf stretch. Why go to a masseuse when you can be your very own.

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