Katina has more energy after losing 60 pounds

13 Aug

Katina Miller-Barnett Before & AfterShe says:

“My story! My journey!!  After a painful divorce. I had to take a look at me!! I was not happy with what I saw! I was weighing 285 and wearing size 24-26. I was ready for a spiritual and natural healing!! I met with a good friend who introduced me to skinny fiber! It was a struggle financially to get my first bottle! But I have not regretted the sacrifice!! Total of 60 lbs lost. I no longer have to take elevator and I have more energy for my son! I no longer have insomnia . It’s been a long year. And my journey continue. I love the lifestyle change ! I have not started to exercise yet but I have made changes in what I eat and when I eat it. Skinny fiber has been a God sent to me. And has given me an opportunity to help others that may b struggling with some of the same issues.”

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