Weight Loss success story from a San Francisco 49ers fan: 46 Pounds gone!

17 Aug

Leila Pippen 8.17.15Even though Leila is a 49ers fan, I’m still sharing her weight loss success story. #GoSteelers

She says:

“One year on Skinny Fiber – haven’t felt this good in soooo many years! 46 pounds and countless inches are GONE for good! The shirt in the first picture is an XL and I was trying to hold my belly in for the picture! The shirt in the second picture is a Medium and I was actually able to tuck it in! Can’t even remember EVER wearing a size 8 but these really are 8’s!!!!!! I love SKINNY FIBER and will continue taking it – blood pressure medicine reduced to minimum dosage, knees quit hurting (I was actually limping before losing the weight), so much energy and I’m 69 years old!!”

Skinny Fiber comes with an EMPTY Bottle MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

Order today at www.WeightLossHelpForYou.com

Interested in helping other people lose weight?  Go to www.WinWithSkinny.com 



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