This is Cindy and she looks amazing after losing 36 pounds

24 Aug

Cindy 8.23.15

This is Cindy and she looks amazing. 

Cindy says:

“I have been on Skinny Fiber a little over a year. My coach Candy and I had talked about Skinny Fiber for a long time before I started; yes, I was very skeptical. It was a lot of money for a product that I didn’t know would work. Then Candy emailed me, and said that the company was offering a 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee. What did I have to lose?

I was a size 12-13 and was very unhappy with myself. I am now a size 7-8 and down 36 lbs and the lbs have stayed off. I still take my Skinny Fiber. Why? It makes me feel so much better! I walk and do the exercise challenge calendars that are posted in our support group.

I am so glad that I took Skinny Fiber and trusted my coach. It has truly changed my life. I am thrilled when people tell me I look great; especially my husband. I had been out-of-work and very depressed. This has made a whole new life for me. I now feel good about myself. I enjoy walking and going places knowing that I look nice not having to wear huge clothes because my gut is so big. A huge thanks to Candy for helping me get started, and sticking with me every step of the way…

Skinny Fiber works, but you have to take it consistently and drink lots of water. It can work for you too! The key is to take the product, drink lots of water and work at making positive change in your life. I eat better and work at taking care of myself!

Candy says: “Cindy was very skeptical, but through positive reinforcement she started to believe in herself again. She feels so much better and you have to say she looks great too!” Give Skinny Fiber a try… the time is going to pass anyway!”

Where will you be in one year? The year is going to pass anyway. It is NOW – It is your time! Take care of yourself. You are worth it!

**Place your order and you will receive a rebate from $10 to $20 from me paid via Money Order or PayPal. Inbox me for details.**

Here’s where to order:

See how Skinny Fiber works:


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