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Ericca is excited about her journey..

30 Sep
Ericca Maloy 9.30.15
Ericca is excited about her journey… amazing transformation!!!!
IN HER WORDS: “I have been on a transformation….. I am proud of Me… Red dress is now…Silver outfit is Summer 2014!!!! Still working on it!!!!”
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She completed the 90 Day Challenge and is happy with her results

24 Sep


My customer, TKA from Jamaica just completed the 90 Day Challenge.  She didn’t have much weight to lose.  Skinny Fiber helped her lose 13 pounds and 2 inches of her waist.  Great job!!!!

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Nothing better than creating your own weight loss success story

23 Sep

My Before & After Photo with no Date

Nothing better than creating your own weight loss success story. 

I lost 60 pounds with the help of Skinny Fiber and am committed to helping anyone who wants help losing weight achieve their weight loss goal! 

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“High-fiber foods can also aid in weight management. They absorb water to create a sense of being full, so you’re less likely to overeat. And fiber-rich foods aren’t usually as energy-dense as processed foods, meaning you can feel full on fewer calories.”

“Most women under 50 are getting about 40 percent less fiber than they should. And men are even worse, getting only about half the recommended amount. Fiber is good support for your digestion and helps promotes weight management”

Jodi has lost over 50 pounds and feels great!

23 Sep

Jodi Denis Goodmann 9.23.15

Jodi looks great!  So proud of her.

She says:

“Many of you know my story when I first started. A miserable fat person who hid from everything in my own home. My health was not the best; recovering from a car accident; fibromyalgia; migraines; GERD; on several daily medications. Slept to be able to tend to the family for dinner and homework. Never met friends for I did not like me at all as well as had no energry, how could I be a friend to anyone? 

Today I am proud to share my work in progress. I am down to 147 pounds, far cry from 219 the day I started Skinny Fiber. Clothes are now fun to shop for smile emoticon Started in 18/20 or Extra Large, no fun shopping at all for not liking me liked nothing I wore. Today I am in size 10 jeans; meduim tops for the most part. Like me today, I have a chin you can see today smile emoticon Today I enjoy working out; riding bikes with my boys or alone. I have energry to keep up with the house and the boys. 

Best part of my progress my HEALTH. Off medications for: migraines, GERD, lowered Fibromyaglia medications. I feel better over all want to do things; want to work out and be around people. 

Today I prefer to eat healthy; pass on fast foods or junk food. When we do eat out I always have two or three meals from my one order. Love water plain or fruit infused my me. I continue to work on reaching my goals and will reach them all. Today I can say I am happy and enjoy life heart emoticon

I have found a passion helping others find a happier healthier life, my reason for joining Skinny Fiber. Share my success and help others meet thier own personal success. 

Ready to take charge of your life? Now is the time be ready for the holidays.”

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Digestive Enzymes in Skinny Fiber

22 Sep
Digestive EnzymesDigestive Enzymes
Your digestive system breaks the food you eat down into small molecules that your intestines can absorb into the bloodstream. Two separate processes are at work — mechanical digestion, which breaks food down into smaller chunks physically, and chemical digestion, which breaks food into smaller molecules. Digestive enzymes assist in chemical digestion. The human body contains 22 different enzymes and Skinny Fiber contains 7 different enzymes to assist with helping you achieve your weight loss goals.
Here is a list of the Digestive Enzymes in Skinny Fiber:
Amylase is an enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of starch into sugars. It is present in human saliva, where it begins the chemical process of digestion. It is also produced in the Pancreas.
Protease is the digestive enzyme necessary to digest protein and remove toxins.
Lipase is the digestive enzyme the body uses to break down fats in food.
Glucoamylase release maltose and free glucose by by breaking the bonds near the ends of large carbohydrates.
Papain is an enzyme from Papaya fruit which digests large protein molecules to smaller peptides and amino acids.
Cellulase is an enzyme that converts cellulose to the disaccharide cellobiose. It is not produced by the human body.
Bromelain is an enzyme from Pineapple which digests large protein molecules to smaller peptides and amino acids.
The proprietary blend of all-natural, healthy ingredients makes Skinny Fiber a very effective supplement. No more feeling anxious, shaky, light-headed, or nauseous. Skinny Fiber flat out works by making you feel full, suppresses your appetite, and burns fat, which causes you to lose weight!
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Coach Marcus

Tonya has lost 76 pounds since January 2015

17 Sep

Tonya Zerr 9.17.15

This is why I am in the business. Tonya’s story is amazing!!! She lost 76 pounds since January 2015 and says:
“Sorry This Is So Long – Written From The Heart To All Of You
Hi Everyone! I had my baby boy in January 2015 and immediately went back on Skinny Fiber. I had preeclampsia resulting in an emergency c-section a month early. I had eclampsia several months afterwards suffering from high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, severe migraines, and of course swelling that was just out of control. When I went back on Skinny Fiber Jan 2, I was at 220lbs and in a month I did not lose any weight or inches. I did however; go off of insulin and was no longer considered being diabetic. 44 days it took me to see a change in my inches and a drop in my weight which resulted in 30lbs. I was amazed and again still dealing with medical issues.
My first 90 day challenge I lost a total of 36lbs and in that timeframe I gained, I lost, I never ever had a moment that I was consistently loosing. I did however; successfully get my blood pressure under control without any blood pressure medications and the swelling was gone. My migraines were still being monitored however; I do have a complicated migraine disorder so this is not new.
In April 1st I joined the Skinny Body Care Challenge. I did amazing and this is when I lost 25 more lbs. I did start a third challenge and again I am doing this because, I am not trying to get to a certain goal weight, I am doing this to get to a healthy me.
What am I doing differently that I did not do in 2013? I changed how I eat. I use to follow Weight Watchers. I do not do that anymore. Weight Watchers is a wonderful program however; for me I needed to look at the whole picture. I recently was hospitalized for a blood clot which was on my left lung.
Thankfully it went away however; I ended up staying a week which scared me more than ever. I realized life you get one chance. You can either take it for granted or really look at as a whole. I am blessed with two children, an amazing fiance and I was given a second chance which not many receive. My journey didn’t end that week and I thank God everyday for that. I have never prayed so hard in my life and I realized that when you are given something do not take it for granted. I no longer eat fried foods, my sweet tooth has subsided, and I look at labels more. I have increased protein and fiber in my daily lifestyle however; I do watch my sodium, fat, and sugar intake. Do I count my calories – no, do I drink my food – no, do I exercise – no, do I worry about what is for my next meal – no. I enjoy my life knowing that I food is not my enemy – I am! I need to focus on what I put in my body and since adding Skinny Fiber it is just a no brainer how much better I feel and how much better even my blood lab results are in less than a few months – even my GI doctor said for me to stay on it and he was amazed.
Do not be afraid to try this product and see what others including myself have seen and felt. “It takes 4 weeks to see your body changing, it takes eight weeks for your friend and family, it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world.  
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Lisa lost 50 pounds and ditched her Walker

16 Sep
Lisa Walker 9.16.15
Lisa shared this earlier today. I am soooo happy for her!
She says:
“So you all wonder why I post alot about Skinny Fiber, WELL this is the MAIN reason. I am sitting here in tears, some of my friends can contest to this and some might even remember when I posted the picture when I got this.. YES I used a walker, I have no pictures of me using it because I was so embarrassed, I would have to sit on it to make dinner for my family because I couldn’t stand long at all. For me this is HUGE, When I say skinny fiber gave me my life back IT DID. I no longer use this walker and I walk 2 k a day smile emoticon I suffer with Fibromyalgia, arthritis , spinal stenosis, IBS, degenerative disk disease depression, basically over all Chronic Pain. I know first hand what it feel like to wake up feeling well like CRAP. I have been on a TON of medication that well, I feel is not the best choice as it does effect your body and organs. Since I have started Skinny Fiber, I have came off pain medication, YEP OFF MEDICATION 17 to be exact and I feel FANTASTIC, I have not felt this good in soooo long. I am much more happier and I have more energy than EVER. My IBS is totally under control.. Its awesome stuff. My HOT FLASHES GONE. I will admit I was sceptic at first, I did my research, and talked to ALOT of people before I made my decision. I am SOOO Happy that I made this choice. I took my bottle of Skinny Fiber to my Dr and he approved it. Not only am I feeling amazing I have lost 50 lbs and a TON of inches
I honestly want others to be able to reap the benefits as I have. So this is my story, and SKINNY FIBER ROCKS My only wish is that I would have found this AMAZING product sooner I am so Happy I made the choice.”
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*Skinny Fiber does not diagnose, cure, or treat in medical conditions or illness.
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