She was sneaking her mother’s Skinny Fiber and lost 60 pounds!

9 Sep

This update makes me smile!

Reva was actually sneaking in to her mom’s Skinny Fiber, unbeknownst to Susan! Once Susan discovered what Reva had been doing, she ordered Reva some Skinny Fiber so they could do it together! Reva is a MUCH healthier weight and size now! Kudos to you Kiddo! You look awesome!

Susan’s Update:

“This is my daughter Reva, 16 years old. She started skinny fiber 10/18/2013. She was 15 years old & 190 pounds wearing a size 18 jeans. Now she wears a size 9 and weighs 130 pounds! The photo on the left was before she started Skinny Fiber and the one on the right in the pink is now after Skinny Fiber. Great Job My daughter! WTG Reva!”

Do you have a TEEN struggling with their weight? Are they Struggling to fit in with Peers?

Never fear Skinny fiber is for TEENS, too … Order here on my website:


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