Jodi has lost over 50 pounds and feels great!

23 Sep

Jodi Denis Goodmann 9.23.15

Jodi looks great!  So proud of her.

She says:

“Many of you know my story when I first started. A miserable fat person who hid from everything in my own home. My health was not the best; recovering from a car accident; fibromyalgia; migraines; GERD; on several daily medications. Slept to be able to tend to the family for dinner and homework. Never met friends for I did not like me at all as well as had no energry, how could I be a friend to anyone? 

Today I am proud to share my work in progress. I am down to 147 pounds, far cry from 219 the day I started Skinny Fiber. Clothes are now fun to shop for smile emoticon Started in 18/20 or Extra Large, no fun shopping at all for not liking me liked nothing I wore. Today I am in size 10 jeans; meduim tops for the most part. Like me today, I have a chin you can see today smile emoticon Today I enjoy working out; riding bikes with my boys or alone. I have energry to keep up with the house and the boys. 

Best part of my progress my HEALTH. Off medications for: migraines, GERD, lowered Fibromyaglia medications. I feel better over all want to do things; want to work out and be around people. 

Today I prefer to eat healthy; pass on fast foods or junk food. When we do eat out I always have two or three meals from my one order. Love water plain or fruit infused my me. I continue to work on reaching my goals and will reach them all. Today I can say I am happy and enjoy life heart emoticon

I have found a passion helping others find a happier healthier life, my reason for joining Skinny Fiber. Share my success and help others meet thier own personal success. 

Ready to take charge of your life? Now is the time be ready for the holidays.”

Order Skinny Fiber today and lose weight in time for the holiday season —>

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