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LeAnn used Skinny Fiber from Skinny Body Care a

26 Oct
Leann Cox 10.26.15
LeAnn used Skinny Fiber from Skinny Body Care and says:
“Hello Gang!
Well, I had my yearly physical with my Heart Doctor… She was impressed with how good my heart function was! All of my blood work came back with in the normal ranges; blood pressure was perfect along with my pulse rate!
She is glad that my weight loss is coming off at a slow and steady rate. With all of my heart problems, she doesn’t want it coming off too fast. Plus, I only have thirty-five more pounds to go for where my doctor wants me to be, and that feels great to hear!
As of today, I have lost another 14 inches and I have been trying on new clothes, since all the others are just getting too big.
I just love it when people I know walk up to me and tell me how nice and trim that I am getting. When they ask me how I am doing it; I love telling them that Skinny Fiber made a big impact in my weight loss journey.
I was never a big fan of drinking water before, but now I love it and it is also a big part of my daily routine. I have totally given up all sodas, crystal light and even Gatorade!
I feel so much better now! I am able to do so much more and I don’t wear out as quickly, like I did in the past. Without Skinny Fiber, I believe this journey would have taken me so much longer and would have been much more difficult!

Sandy is now a Size 8 after Skinny Fiber

22 Oct
Sandy 10.21.15
Way to go Sandy!!!! You look amazing!!!!
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Sandy says:

“Ok…HERE GOES ! So many of you have been asking, I don’t have a very good before pic, and I didn’t measure myself when i started. See, I had gained so much weight due to personal and health issues, so I didn’t have much faith that I would lose with this product, because NOTHING had worked before ! After 50, it’s hard to lose an OUNCE, much less 17 lbs….which is what I have lost to date with Skinny Fiber ! The black pants I am wearing are ones I bought a year and a half ago, and I couldn’t even begin to fasten them ! (They still have the tags on them ) And may I mention, they are a size 8??!!!! I am SO excited that I am FINALLY losing this weight, and that I FEEL so much better ! I have tons of energy now, and I am getting my zest for life back ! So, when I tell people that Skinny Fiber WORKS, I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart ! I still have a ways to get to where I want to be, but I have no doubt I can accomplish my goals with Skinny Fiber on my side!!”

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Former College Football Player Lost 38 Pounds using Skinny Fiber

19 Oct
Jamell Fields 10.19.15
Skinny Fiber works for men, too!
Jamell says:
“A few years after playing college football, I let myself get up to 335 lbs … But today because of Skinny Fiber, I am heading back in the right direction . I am losing pounds and inches in a healthy, all natural way without making many changes in my diet.. It took me 6 months to lose 30 pounds and I’ve been able to maintain it. Skinny Fiber is helping me eat smaller portions and not have cravings for junk food. I highly recommend the 90 day challenge!!!”
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Janette lost 27 pounds in 2 1/2 months

16 Oct
Janette 10.16.15
Janette lost 27 pounds in 2 1/2 months using Skinny Fiber. She went from 180 pounds to 153 pounds.
She says:
“I have tried so many diet products with No success, then I found your page and I read a few of the testimonials and thought, why not try this. I have spent so much money. Why not give this a try. Boy I did and I love skinny fiber. This really works, and I am a BIG skeptic, so for skinny fiber to work like this and this fast unbelievable. I did not change a thing. No exercise kept eating. And slowly but surely I noticed I was not hungry as much, as far as exercise lol well in time I will start that I can only imagine how much more I will lose..”
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Karenee from Australia is happy with her Skinny Fiber results

14 Oct

Karenne 10.14.15

Karenne says:


This 90 day challenge was amazing. I lost a bit of weight in my first challenge, but this time I had my wedding to prepare for as well. 
I actually used the WiiU heaps during the first and last months. Not so much in the second month. I was so determined to fit in my dress. I actually hit my goal weight the day after the wedding. Super happy.
So for those who don’t know my story. It’s a very different pattern to most. I was super skinny (48kgs) for almost all my life. I so wanted to put some weight on, but it was virtually impossible. 

Then due to medical issues and medication I ended up piling on the kilos. I was over 80 kgs and in a size 14AU when I had enough. Time to make a change. 

The first challenge with Skinny Fiber I was very sporadic about taking the product. And I still lost. So this challenge I went hard. Skinny Fiber twice a day, and the WiiU. Plus walking the dog, and a walk after dinner as much as possible.
After all the comments and digs about my weight over the years, those on my wedding day mean the most to me. This was a body I had to work for, and a body I am almost genuinely happy with for the first time ever in my life. All the positive comments were a massive boost to my ego, from those who has seen me at both ends of the spectrum.
I want to thank Skinny Fiber for actually helping my body self esteem be the best it’s ever been. And to the team for all their support.”
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90 Days Could Change Your Life

13 Oct
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Here’s yet another Skinny Fiber success story

10 Oct

Jacqueline Le Riche 10.10.15

Here’s yet another Skinny Fiber success story.

Great job, Jacqueline L.

“Wanted to share my update! Shocker shocker that I weigh more than I did last August yet I have lost TONSSSSSSSS OF INCHES!!!!

Skinny Fiber has changed my life. Not only for my weight loss but in my attitude towards life. I feel more and more accomplished each day and the happiest I have ever been. It has given me my self confidence back! I am so glad I found it. Two years ago there is NO WAY IN HELL I’d be caught dead in a 2 piece let alone a bikini! In August of 2014 ( the 1st pictute) I actually weighed 129 pounds! In the 2nd picture I weigh 139 pounds but I walk every day at least 4 miles! So even tho I have gained back weight I have still LOST INCHES with the help of taking Skinny Fiber every day

In the last picture I actually gained 1 pound but lost 4 more inches!!!! I have learned I rather lose the inches because the weight will follow!!! I still eat what I want, when I want – just less of it! I do not follow a diet. I absolutely hate diets! But with Skinny Fiber I can eat whatever I want and it helps me eat less of it!

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