Great job, Cheryl!

7 Oct

Cheryl Baskin 10.7.15Great job, Cheryl B.!

Here is my updated story….
I just want to share something with you all. I will be frank and honest through this and hope that you will all understand Why I am so passionate about SKINNY FIBER and WHY I post so much stuff about it.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a radical hysterectomy and lymph node staging. I was very fortunate that my cancer had not spread and I did not need chemo.
I made a great recovery and life was great again until that December. I got pneumonia and acquired Whooping Cough. Oh yea that was not enough for my lungs to handle; I also had Valley Fever! Needless to say I was very sick for a long time. Consequently, I was given vast amounts of steroids to be able to breathe. Thus an increase in weight beyond my wildest dreams!!!! Despite eating a healthy diet and watching portions sizes, I continued to gain weight. In between, when I was not taking the steroids, I would lose some of the weight but never all of it. It was a vicious cycle.

Also, during this time the chicken farm near us starting composting and selling the feces for fertilizer. 2 years later I found out I was allergic to the protein in the feces and we are in a direct wind path. Thankfully our community sued the farm and they had to stop composting

Because there was so much going on it was very difficult for the Docs to come up with a definitive diagnosis. I mean they knew all the problems and the illnesses I mentioned above but I was not getting better; 18 months as a matter of fact before they decided it was acute uncontrolled asthma.

Prior to this illness, I ran or walked 3-5 miles everyday. I did aerobics and some weights. I was healthy, thin and felt great everyday! I never had a weight problem and thought I never would.

I missed work all the time. Every time the weather changes I get sick and am put on very high doses of steroids. Sometimes I have asthmatic pneumonia or asthmatic bronchitis. My pulmonary MD will not call it COPD because there have not been any changes in the x-rays after I was diagnosed.

About 5 ½ years ago I again got sick; only this time it was something different. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and had 3 perforations of the colon in the course of 5 months. Not just attacks but actual perforations. I was hospitalized and started on IV antibiotic therapy. In November of 2011 I had a partial colectomy and partial small bowel resection and lysis of adhesions. I missed 6 months of work that year! Post-op wound infection was in the cards. (What else would you expect from a surgical nurse, right?) My doctors told me that the steroids were most likely to blame for the perforations and the infections. Believe me if I had a choice I would not take them! I felt great for about 6-7 months and then the old asthma started doing its thing again.
Now here we are 20013. I had 2 bowel obstruction this year, which resolved on their own, but missed 2 months of work from them.

Due to the intense coughing spells from my asthma I had a very large incisional hernia. In august I was diagnosed with stress fractures of bilateral feet!

November 11 2013 I had another major surgery to repair the incisional hernia and lysis of adhesions to hopefully prevent future bowel obstructions.

Of course recovery was not an easy road for me. I developed a large seroma and had drains in unti February 2014. After the removal of the drain I developed blood clots in both lungs The clots in the right lung resolved butthey still remain in the left lung. I was facing a huge open heart surgery to remove the clots because I could not walk very far before I was struggling to breath. Fortunately for me, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. This was the cause of the extreme shortness of breath. They corrected this problem and now, even though I still get short of breath when doing certain things, it is much better and no longer need this surgery. I am so grateful for Skinny Body Care! I am not making it rich yet but I Love this company. I have made enough money in this company to help us financially each month.

But the REAL reason I love this company is I can still help other with their journeys to get healthy! I am still taking steroids and for the first time when I am on them I am losing weight! YES that’s right LOSING weight and inches. I have lost 35 pounds and 42 inches since June 1. I am not a commercial. No one is writing this for me! I am a REAL person with a REAL story to tell. Many of you know me personally and know my story. Skinny Fiber truly works and I really believe in it.

I am Skinny Fiber for life!!!


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