Eileen lost 26 pounds using Skinny Fiber

9 Oct
Eileen Carpio 10.9.15
Eileen C. says:
This is my updated testimony I shared on my timeline this morning
“So here it goes….this is ME!!!! I have been waiting to add a new update until I hit 25 lbs lost and I weighed myself this morning and was down 26 lbs in 8 months!!!! The picture on the left was last summer and close to my largest size of 202 lbs! A month after that picture was taken my husband went through heart failure. I have always been a stress eater, so you can imagine how the following 6 months went.
By February 9, 2015 I was 202 lbs and desperate for a change. At 5 ft 1 inch I couldn’t imagine putting on another pound. I had tried Skinny Fiber in the past but never really stuck with it. I decided to give it another shot. I figured I had nothing to lose but the weight! Lol. I decided to start taking my Skinny Fiber again and become a distributor! I figured that would give me another reason to stick with it. I cut out soda and started drinking lots of water. I take my 2 Skinny Fiber pills twice a day before my 2 biggest meals. After my first 90 days (lost 15 lbs) I hit a plateau for about 2 months. That’s when I decided to make some real changes. I started eating healthier (not 100% of the time lol) and exercising. I have gone from a tight size 18 pants to a comfortable and sometime loose size 14 pants! I wish I had taken my measurements in the beginning but I didn’t. Skinny Fiber has helped control my portion sizes and has cut my junk food cravings a lot! I still have my moments, but I’m human and a work in progress. I am so happy with how I am improving my health and hope I can help many others along the way! Skinny Fiber is life changing!”
Wouldn’t you like to begin your life changing journey? Buy 1 bottle of Skinny Fiber and get the 2nd one free or receive a free bottle of Ageless Anti-Aging Serum. This offer is available until October 15, 2015. Here’s where you can order: www.weightlosshelpforyou.com

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