Here’s yet another Skinny Fiber success story

10 Oct

Jacqueline Le Riche 10.10.15

Here’s yet another Skinny Fiber success story.

Great job, Jacqueline L.

“Wanted to share my update! Shocker shocker that I weigh more than I did last August yet I have lost TONSSSSSSSS OF INCHES!!!!

Skinny Fiber has changed my life. Not only for my weight loss but in my attitude towards life. I feel more and more accomplished each day and the happiest I have ever been. It has given me my self confidence back! I am so glad I found it. Two years ago there is NO WAY IN HELL I’d be caught dead in a 2 piece let alone a bikini! In August of 2014 ( the 1st pictute) I actually weighed 129 pounds! In the 2nd picture I weigh 139 pounds but I walk every day at least 4 miles! So even tho I have gained back weight I have still LOST INCHES with the help of taking Skinny Fiber every day

In the last picture I actually gained 1 pound but lost 4 more inches!!!! I have learned I rather lose the inches because the weight will follow!!! I still eat what I want, when I want – just less of it! I do not follow a diet. I absolutely hate diets! But with Skinny Fiber I can eat whatever I want and it helps me eat less of it!

If you want to know more please message me

The promotion they had last week is continued until the 15th of October…. So for any package you order you will get an EXTRA FREE bottle of your choice of Skinny Fiber or Ageless!!!

If I where you I’d jump on this deal!!!”

Order at



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