Karenee from Australia is happy with her Skinny Fiber results

14 Oct

Karenne 10.14.15

Karenne says:


This 90 day challenge was amazing. I lost a bit of weight in my first challenge, but this time I had my wedding to prepare for as well. 
I actually used the WiiU heaps during the first and last months. Not so much in the second month. I was so determined to fit in my dress. I actually hit my goal weight the day after the wedding. Super happy.
So for those who don’t know my story. It’s a very different pattern to most. I was super skinny (48kgs) for almost all my life. I so wanted to put some weight on, but it was virtually impossible. 

Then due to medical issues and medication I ended up piling on the kilos. I was over 80 kgs and in a size 14AU when I had enough. Time to make a change. 

The first challenge with Skinny Fiber I was very sporadic about taking the product. And I still lost. So this challenge I went hard. Skinny Fiber twice a day, and the WiiU. Plus walking the dog, and a walk after dinner as much as possible.
After all the comments and digs about my weight over the years, those on my wedding day mean the most to me. This was a body I had to work for, and a body I am almost genuinely happy with for the first time ever in my life. All the positive comments were a massive boost to my ego, from those who has seen me at both ends of the spectrum.
I want to thank Skinny Fiber for actually helping my body self esteem be the best it’s ever been. And to the team for all their support.”
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