Here are some simple tips to help with keeping off those extra pounds over the holidays.

15 Dec

Scale 2

Here are some simple tips to help with keeping off those extra pounds over the holidays.

• Step off the sugar roller coaster.

• When you eat sugar, you crave more sugar, and you may feel out of control. Start the day off with a healthy, sugar-free breakfast and skip dessert at lunch.

• Treat yourself to a small portion of one of your favorites during the holiday meal. (The object is not to be in total denial mode)

• Eat a variety of foods, lots of colors (produce), and make sure you have a serving of healthy protein and fat at each meal.

• Don’t deprive yourself; moderation is the key. We’ve heard this time and again, but it rings true. Trying to avoid every single holiday goodie sets you up to think about and crave them more. If I asked you not to think of a purple elephant, what’s on your mind?

• Ask if you can bring a favorite (low-calorie) dish to a holiday event. This way, you know there will be something healthy for you to eat and others will definitely appreciate the dish too.

• Distance yourself from the buffet or the goodies after serving yourself.

• Avoid keeping your real favorites around the house; it can be too tempting.

• Stay active and try to get some form of exercise in each day.

• Avoid nibbling at get-togethers or when preparing a meal. Whatever you eat, put it on a plate, sit down, and eat slowly.

For those annoying, constant cravings: If you really think you can’t live without a treat, promise yourself you’ll come back to it in an hour. See if you want it as badly after that hour. Chances are you won’t. But…if you still do, have a small piece and let the guilt go!


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