5 Ways to Achieve Any Goal

5 Jan
Keep an eye on it.
Seeing a goal can be more motivating than writing it down. Try creating a vision board filled with quotes and images that inspire you and relate to your goals.
Tell people.
Make yourself accountable by telling friends and family. You’ll get support through challenges and have someone to celebrate successes with.
Make it fun-sized!
Break up long-term goals into smaller SMART goals to make them more manageable, increase confidence and maintain drive. SMART stands for specific, measureable and meaningful, action-oriented, realistic and timely.
Keep it real.
Although it’s great to dream big, people are more likely to reach goals that are realistic based on their strengths and abilities. For goals that are unrealistic at this time, figure out what needs to happen to make them more feasible.
Commit to yourself.
Last but not least, there is only one person in the goal-setting process that matters, and that person is YOU! No one else will achieve your goals. Reflect on motivation and purpose (Why are you pursuing this goal?) while creating goals and when feeling discouraged.

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