Drink Your Favorite Morning Coffee And Lose Weight?!

13 Jan
Drink Your Favorite Morning Coffee And Lose Weight?! – YES It’s Possible! 
Waking up early is something that we don’t like so much…especially when the week starts or after holidays! But when we will think that there is a beverage that can help in our waking up process, we have already better feeling. But did you know that your favorite coffee can also help you to lose weight?! Now the feeling is great!
Your morning coffee can simply melt pounds and become anti calorie bomb. All you need to do is to add fat-free organic butter in it!
This butter coffee recipe is not very new but it’s definitely one of the newest trends in USA. Of course it has cheering influence and helps us in the everyday productivity and work. And it’s easy to prepare because imagine: you have your breakfast in one cup which in meantime helps you to lose weight.
How to make butter coffee?
Make it strong by adding one full tablespoon of instant coffee in your cup.
Then boil water but don’t over boil it because it can make “disappear” the butter influence
Put tablespoon (not so full) fat-free organic butter inside..
Tips: You can also add coconut oil in the previous ingredients. Also, it’s good if you put all together in blender and mix well until the butter and coconut oil are well melted and until the coffee is frothy.
This beverage is actually energy bomb that you need during the day, you will not feel fatigue and you will feel full until lunch time. Usually when we drink coffee in the morning we feel hungry after two hours and we need to eat something sweet until the lunch break. This type of coffee will help you to skip that part.

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