Kathy has lost 50 pounds

17 Jan

Kathy Toscolani Gaston 1.17.16Kathy shared this a couple of hours ago and says:

“Hey Everyone, here is my 2 year update picture. Still loving my Skinny Fiber but now I’m taking the new product that we sell called Skinny Body Max (affectionately called “Skinny Fiber on Steroids). I’ve been on that since Christmas and I’m seriously seeing some wonderful results from it. I also have been working out at the local Planet Fitness 3-4 times a week for the past 3 months and I know that is helping to sculpt my body. I’ve lost 50 pounds but can’t really tell you how many inches. I do know I went down 5 sizes in jeans and 2-3 sizes in shirts. I also have more strength and stamina which was very much needed in my busy life.

Looking back to the start of my journey, I can tell you all, I was very hesitant to spend the money on this product as I’ve tried others in the past to no avail, but this was and IS the best purchase of my life and I wouldn’t trade all the money in the world for where I am right now.

Can you truly put a price on your health?? I know I can’t!!”

Become my next customer at www.getfitwithmarcus.com (Skinny Body MAX works) 


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