Yet…..Another weight loss success story!

17 Feb
Tara Gauthier Ketchem 2.17.16
Another weight loss success story! Here’s Tara.
“I kept getting asked to share my own story…so here ya go.
Wow! It is really an eye-opener seeing these pics side-by-side!!! Back in 2010 I left my nursing career due to my fibromyalgia & depression. Slowly but surely my weight crept up to 236 lbs. I was wearing a size 20 jeans! I basically became a slug in my own home. I started watching a lady…much like me. I sat for 5 months…just watching & following. Then I ordered. I started Dec 3, 2013. I went from a size 20 to a 12 in my 90 DAY CHALLENGE smile emoticon But the biggest benefit to me was how much better my fibromyalgia was doing. I went from taking 8 meds down to just 2 along with my SF. I went from promising my doctor that I would do 3 five minute intervals of activity a day to walking in a 5K in April 2014!!! My grandsons were happy that I could participate in things again with them. Yes I still have ups & downs but my quality of life is much better.
Since December 2015 I started using our brand new Max in place of the SF & this week added our new HiBurn8 at night. The fibromyalgia prevents us from reaching that deep sleep…well H8 gets you to that sleep our bodies crave!!! It has kept me asleep the past 3 nights…all night…no up n down…I usually am up 3 or 4 times to use the bathroom…I am sleeping so well…that is not even an issue cuz my body is actually resting. �� I have woke up feeling refreshed…& not needing a 2 hr wake-up time like I’ve done for the past 16 yrs!!!
So I hope I encourage you to at least give this a try. We have a full 90 Day Guarantee to try it for 90 days…so maybe it can change your life too.”

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