Week 5 is almost in the books…Cut-Off is Midnight

25 Feb
Well……Week 5 of the SBC Powerline System is almost in the books.
Things continue to heat up.  So far, I have enrolled ave really heated up.  This month, I have enrolled 19 new Customers and 1 new Distributor.  1 customer has upgraded to become a Distributor after losing 7 pounds in only 10 days.  It’s only $10 for Customers to become a Distributor!  The person at the top of this month’s Leaderboard has already enrolled 169 new Customers & Distributors this month.  WOW!!!!!
Our products are amazing!  Go to www.winwithcoachmarcus.com to learn more about them.
We all know the average person enrolls only 2.7 people their entire time in a Network Marketing business before they quit.  I am having this kind of success by following our simple and easy to duplicate SYSTEM that almost anyone can do.  I say “almost” because you must be coachable and teachable and be able to follow simple instructions.
Average people are having extraordinary success with our company because we have products that work very and are in high demand!  We also have the most powerful and revolutionary Pay Plan in the industry, which is why you will want to lock-in your position before midnight tonight.
More and more people are learning about Skinny Body Care and we are exploding!
Wanna be at the TOP of the leg this week? Simply take a free tour at www.winwithskinny.com.
Be sure and watch the short video.
If you are already taking the Free Tour, go to www.securemyposition.com to see your Genealogy and lock-in your position before tonight’s midnight cut-off.  The sooner you lock-in your position, the higher you will be in the Powerline.
If you are curious and still have questions about this awesome opportunity, I want to invite you to be my guest tonight and hear directly from our Founder & CEO, Ben Glinsky, who hosts a weekly call explaining why you would want want to become a part of the Skinny Body Care family.
Here is the call info:
8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST.  Weekly Overview Call. Dial (641) 715-3803 pin 976143#.
 See you at the top!
Coach Marcus Jones
Platinum Leader

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