Sneak Some Steps Into Your Day

8 Mar


Ridiculously simple, astonishingly powerful, scientifically proven by study after study: sneaking in a few minutes a day can transform your health, body and mind.

Brain: Just 2 hours of walking a week can reduce your risk of stroke by 30%.

Memory: 40 minutes 3 times a week protects the brain region associated with planning and memory.

Mood: 30 minutes a day can reduce symptoms of depression by 36%.

Health: Logging 3,500 steps a day lowers your risk of diabetes by 29%.

Longevity: 75 minutes a week of brisk walking can add almost 2 years to your life.

Weight: A daily 1-hour walk can cut your risk of obesity in half.

Heart: 30 to 60 minutes most days of the week drastically lowers your risk of heart disease.

Bones: 4 hours a week can reduce the risk of hip fractures by up to 43%.

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