Weight Loss Wednesday Success Story

30 Mar

Cindy Wight Bridges 3.30.16


“Cindy here!! Just so you know I am a slow looser!! But I never gave up!! I stayed with my skinny fiber because I got great benefits from it!! I am no longer on any meds for acid re-flux, high blood pressure, and I don’t have to take any thing for my leg pain I was blessed with from having chemo treatments 6 yrs ago. I have recently added Hiburn8 so that I can have that 24-7 round the clock help. Plus added sleep benefit!! I do not drink any thing but coffee, water and maybe a green tea. I am watching kind of what I eat. I eat regular foods (less) just cut back on the bread in take since that is a down fall for me. Looking forward to a new bathing suit!! Maybe a colorful one!!”

Learn more at www.skinnybodyin90days.com

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