Tips to Prevent Weight Gain While on Vacation

17 Jun


Tips to Prevent Weight Gain While on Vacation

Summer is approaching and you most likely have a vacation planned.  Vacation is a time to unwind and relax, however, try not to use your vacation as an excuse to overeat, drink or become physically inactive.  Here are some tips to stay on track while on vacation.

Set a realistic goal and plan

Set a realistic weight management goal and plan for the duration of your trip.  Try your best to monitor your daily caloric intake.  Decide at the onset how many extra calories you are going to allow yourself for the trip.  Stay on track while you are away.

Incorporate physical activity into your itinerary

Make sure you incorporate daily exercise or physical activities that you enjoy.  Some examples, walking on the sand or beach, around the property, go for a bike ride.  Opt for a walking or bike tour.  Exercise is your winning ticket to preventing weight gain while on vacation.

Avoid the temptations

Don’t open that mini bar…it’s filled with high calorie foods.  Ask for a room with a refrigerator to store healthy snacks such as fruit and veggies. Choose healthy options and avoid buffet style eating.  Healthy options will help you manage your hunger between meals.

Practice portion control

Try to enjoy small portions and eat slowly so you can taste the food.  Limiting portion sizes is a great way to control calories and make room for occasional treats.

Make it special

Don’t waste those vacation calories on foods you can eat at any time.  Save your splurge for memorable local foods or specialties that will remind you of your trip and add to your memories.

Everything in moderation

Don’t deprive yourself; it’s not fun when you are on vacation.  Indulge if you must in moderation.  Have a few bites of your favorite dessert and eat small amounts. If you follow these tips it will be possible to enjoy your favorite foods when on vacation without the weight gain.  Don’t use vacation as an excuse to abandon your healthy lifestyle.

Bon Voyage!  

Coach Marcus

Platinum Leader


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