Tonight is a VERY exciting night

23 Jun


Tonight is a VERY exciting night for all of our Distributors and Preenrollees.  Like every Thursday, it marks our newest CUTOFF DAY.

What does that mean?

Each and every Thursday at MIDNIGHT Pacific time, our system looks to see all the preenrollees who have locked in their position by placing their product order.  Then at midnight, those people move to the TOP of the powerline above everyone who did not order yet.

That means, its critical that you know what you stand to lose by not taking action TODAY.

As soon as even one person in your powerline upgrades to member through the system, ALL of the people above that person in the powerline are notified to let them know that they MUST lock in their position in order to have that person in their team AND earn a commission on them.  Otherwise that person who upgraded is going to leapfrog OVER you and you will lose out on them forever.

It also means that all those people have qualified to earn a check.  

You can lock-in your position at

Our system is designed to do everything it can to help YOU succeed.  Be my guest and listen to our LIVE OVERVIEW CALL.  

Join us TONIGHT for our LIVE overview call to find out EVERYTHING about our awesome products and opportunity:

The call starts at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm CST
Dial 641-715-3803 PIN: 976143#
**Be sure to dial in a few minutes early so you can hear the excitement.

You can also listen to my personal, LIVE OVERVIEW CALL tonight at 10pm EST/9pm CST/7pm PST.
Dial 712-770-4010 PIN 903348#
Hope you can make it.
Coach Marcus
Healthy Body Call no link 5.18.16

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