Louise has lost 30 pounds

11 Jul
Louise Gibson 7.11.16
Way to go, Louise!! 
“I would like to share with you my journey with Skinny Fiber. The first picture is my first 90 Day Challenge. I lost 17lbs and many inches. (I forgot to measure). Over the next few months I had many challenges like most of us do. Not giving up is the key. The next picture I was down just about 30lbs. and more inches. As most of you know already I lost my sister in October and went right off for months. I couldn’t focus on anything. I even gained a few lbs back. Now I am back and feeling tons better and very happy with these results. I am now down 35lbs and feeling great. For anyone that is skeptical Skinny Fiber really does work. I am taking Hiburn8 now too and love it. Honestly give it a shot. It comes with a 30-90 day Money back Guarantee depending on what you order so you have nothing to lose but weight.”
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