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Mike lost 29 pounds and reduced his medication

22 Aug
Michael Burch 8.22.16
I think this stuff works……Check out Mike’s success story.
“I first started on my quest to lose weight..i had been watching and reading all those people here on facebook .reading about their journey to weight loss.After 2 years of standing on the sidelines watching, I decided to take the plunge and order skinny that time I weighed in at 236 lbs..I was also taking multiple meds for lots of medical conditions..prednisone..for sarcoidosis..metformin and glipicide for diabetes. Gabapentin for nerve pain.clopidogrel for the 3 stents that was put in me 7 months ago.lisinopril and lovastatin,,hydralazine..blood pressure..cholesterol.low dose aspirin ..vitamin D 5000 iu …krill oil capsules..all told taking 28 pills aday..since taking skinny fiber plus hiburn8, I have reduced my meds down to 12 aday…eliminating completely gabapentin , no more nerve pain associated with diebetic nerve pain..i have gone from 236 lbs down to 207 lbs….now this has been a my weight goes up and down.i will lose several pounds..then put a pound back on..there is no such thing as a continual drop in weight,,it will go down and then up..but it is the continual drop over all that counts.i still eat my bread, and an donut once in a while..but I have found they just don’t taste as good as they used to.So here it is folks..if you are serious about losing weight , getting healthier..wanting to improve your life ..You need to order and take SKINNY FIBER,,HIBURN8..IT IS LIFE CHANGING..I have my next drs appointment is coming up, will post the results of that appointment..THANKS SKINNY BODY COMPANY..YOU ROCK…MIKE!”

Annette looks great after losing weight

10 Aug

Annette Griffin 8.9.16Annette shared this yesterday:

“”Haha! I thought it was time to update my profile pic because I like current pictures. I do take two of the natural products that we promote (Skinny Fiber and HiBurn8) and have not gained any weight over the past couple of months in spite of my unhealthy food selections! With remodeling and moving, we have eaten a lot of fast food and sweet snacks. I do not encourage that for any of us but sometimes we do step off track. I LOVE my Skinny Fiber and what it does for me. Things are beginning to settle down for us and now we can look forward to more home cooked meals! (Leonard will love that!) 😉 Tonight is collards, pink eye peas, fresh squash, tomatoes and cucumbers too! Just veggies. We like that. If you have stepped off track too, every new day is a fresh start. Let’s all be healthy so that we can enjoy this journey of life.”

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