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Jami lost 47 pounds and 28 inches

29 Sep
Jami says:
Sorry about the blurry photo. The pic on the left was taken in 2013. I weighed close to 325 pounds then. I didn’t start to lose weight until I started taking Skinny Body Max March of 2016. I actually ended up with a horrible stomach flu for about a week and a half and lost about 15-18 pounds. I stopped drinking soda then too because I couldn’t keep anything down and when I began to feel better the thought of soda gagged me.
I started my first 90 day challenge and had it interrupted by a car accident in May. I wasn’t able to return to work so I couldn’t afford to buy SBM until late July. I started my second 90 day Challenge August 17, 2016 taking SBM and HiBurn8. At that time I weighed 296 pounds. I measured and weighed again on the 17th of September and I’ve lost just over 28 inches and 47 pounds. In all honesty I don’t “see” the difference, but I feel the difference. My clothes are baggy, my back doesn’t hurt as bad, I’m able to run with my grand baby and on the treadmill and I feel great. I cannot say enough about Skinny Body Max and HiBurn8!!!

She feels more confident after losing 65 pounds

22 Sep
Sandie’s success story:
“Ever since children I have struggled with weight loss. Was 200 lbs
Couldn’t lose the weight. Tried products after products
Then I found skinny fiber.
Lost 65lbs and am down to 135lbs.
My confidence and self esteem have improved
I’m so grateful to the company and wonderful supportive people here” 
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Jamell has lost an amazing 145 pounds!

9 Sep
Update from Jamell:
“Here is a snap shot of my journey since I started with Skinny Body Care. Each picture represents a 90 day challenge. I still have a couple weeks left in my current challenge. Who’s ready to join me and fight obesity head on??”
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Marquita is rockin her weight loss challenge

7 Sep
Marquita says:
“I am only part way to my goal. But this is what Skinny Fiber can do for you, if you take it! I would be further along had I taken it faithfully. I would forget or get busy. Now I am taking it as I should ,so you will be getting an updated picture soon!”
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