Angèle finished her 90 Day Weight Challenge today

24 Oct

Angèle shared this today. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


“As promised my results of my SBC 90 Day Challenge…32” gone!

This is my story…

I joined SBC in July of this year, after watching my friend Morganne Boyce and her journey for about 8 months, I was blown away and so happy for my friend. I couldn’t find anymore reasons or excuses to not try. I was… ready! I’ve struggled with my weight and my self-esteem since childhood, then having babies and not taking care of myself really did a number on my body. It was time to take action! And I’m so glad I finally did!

I started my Challenge and took the Skinnybody Max pills twice a day before my largest meals of the day. The only thing I changed was my water intake…I didn’t change anything else until the pills started making me feel full my portions got smaller and so did I. My clothes started to fit different and some got too big. Seeing results that I had not gotten from any other diet I’ve tried (which I’ve tried them all!) Spurred me to make some healthier food choices. The extra energy that I seem to have Spurred me to want to exercise so I recently got an elliptical to work out at home.

32 inches! I will accept this as a successful 90 Days!

My journey is not over…my journey is just starting! I’m going to sign up for round 2 today! I’m not waiting or sitting on the fence anymore. I’ve also decided to incorporate Hiburn8 and E3 into my plan of action and will continue the Skinnybody Max pills. I will continue with positivity and happiness. On top of that though, I’m also incorporating exercise this time around and learning more about healthier eating. I’m taking my life back one inch at a time!

💜💜💜Thank you Skinny Body Care for helping me take my life back and giving me such a caring new family 💜💜💜

If I can do this…so can you! Message me and let’s talk about starting your journey “💜

Get started on your journey at I recommend the Premier Pack. It’s a 6 month supply of product for the cost of a 3 month supply 😀


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