Jackie has lost 70 pounds this year!

31 Oct

We only post REAL people with REAL results using SBC Products. 

Jackie N. has lost 70 pounds this year and says:

“If you’re not losing weight with Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max whatever you do don’t stop taking it. I did that a year and half ago and regained all the weight I had lost. I had gotten up to 290 pounds in January ’16. By April I had lost close to 40 pounds. I started back in April 2016 using Skinny Fiber. I knew the results from my last time so I am determined to stick with it. Middle photo is from July I got down to 226 pounds. The bottom is today October 31st. I haven’t really lost more weight. I’ve gotten down to 220 as my lowest, but boy have those inches been moving.

I do have on a waist trainer in the bottom photo, but hope to look like that on my own in January 2017. See you then for my 3rd challenge reveal before the conference in West Palm Beach!”

Place your order at www.SkinnyBodyIn90Days.com.



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