Holiday Weigh-in: Tips to Keep on Track

8 Dec

Holiday Weigh-in:  Tips to Keep on Track

Getting Through Holiday Parties

The holiday season is upon us and that means holiday parties and gatherings. With the excitement of a party it’s easy to lose control. Here are some tips to help you through the holiday parties this year:

Practice portion control. This is the key to success. It is okay to try a little of everything, but also be sure to fill your plate with vegetables. Vegetables will fill you up with minimal calories, so you can save those calories for other food choices.

Never arrive at a party hungry. Planning ahead helps to maintain discipline when faced with temptation. Don’t go to the party starving, have a nutritious snack before heading out. If you can’t have a snack and do arrive hungry drink a glass of water before filling your plate.

Pace Yourself. Enjoy your food and chew slowly. Remember it takes 15-20 minutes for your stomach to notify your brain that it is full.

Don’t eat just because it’s there. Parties are always filled with delicious foods. Be selective about what you decide to eat and be aware while you are eating. Food should be enjoyed, not unconsciously consumed.

Listen to your body. If you feel full, stop eating. If you listen to your body, you will eat just the right amount and won’t have to deal with being uncomfortable after you eat.

Don’t drink calories. Water is a great choice.

Exercise. Sticking with regular exercise can allow you to enjoy a few holiday party favorites.

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