Dail lost 38 pounds, 3 Sizes, and Came off Several Medications

28 Dec
Let me say you look GREAT Dail !!!
My story is I Lost over 38 lbs, 3 sizes and the health benifits were amazing. Mt Dr. loves what it has done for me. I have Ankylosing Spondylits, Severe RA, Migraines, high cholesterol, high BP, sleep apnea…after my first month on SF, was taken off cholesterol meds, lowered bp meds, no migraines, no sleep apnea, Fibro was so much better, RA symptoms better!! After 3 months No chol meds, no bp meds, no migraine shots, no sleep apnea machine….what can I say!! I can say…I LOVE SKINNY FIBER, I want to lose another 30!!
Congratulations Dail!!!
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