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26 Jan

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SBC LIVE Product & Business Overview

25 Jan

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Reward Points Program comes to Skinny Body Care

24 Jan

I wanted to get this information to you as soon as possible.

As a way to reward our loyal Customers and Distributors, Skinny Body Care has launched a New Reward Points Program!

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Tips to Avoid the Flu

23 Jan

Tips to Avoid the Flu

Avoid close contact.

If you know someone has the flu, it’s just better to avoid close contact with that person.

Frequent hand washing.

Before prepping food, after prepping food, before you eat, after you eat. Proper cough and sneeze etiquette. The influenza virus is spread by droplets, so cough or sneeze into the elbow or sleeve.

Keep your work area clean. There are a number of germ hotspots in the workplace such as the copy machine, coffee pot, door handles and more. These surfaces should be wiped down regularly.

Take a sick day. If your temp is over 100.4 and you know you don’t feel well, stay away from the workplace, not only to get rest, but to prevent the spread to others. The CDC recommends people stay home until they are fever free without medication for 24 hours.

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“Coach Marcus” Jones
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Is the Extra Weight I’m Carrying Here to Stay?

9 Jan

This is a question asked by people carrying excess weight: 

Is the Extra Weight I’m Carrying Here to Stay?

The Reality:  If you’re still eating like you are at a buffet and haven’t increased your activity level, then it’s obvious why you are carrying that extra weight.  But you’re not trapped in that body.

The Fix:  Commit to an exercise program and start building metabolism-boosting muscle.  At the same time, break those bad nutrition habits by following these simple rules.        

Have breakfast every day:  A study of dieters found that those who are breakfast daily lost more weight and kept it off longer.       

Drink more water:   Choose it instead of soda, juice and other beverages.

Eat more fish:  It provides good fats needed for brain consumption.          

Consume more fruits and veggies:  Their fiber content will fill you up.          

Go for whole grains:  They contain more fiber than other grains, which means fewer cravings.

Avoid “diet” food:  It’s usually highly processed and full of sugar and/or sodium.

Read food labels:  In one study, women who read them weighed nine pounds less than those who didn’t.

Snack often:  Distributing your total daily calorie allotment over five or six small meals encourages weight loss.

“Coach Marcus” Jones

Sara’s updated Weight Loss Story

6 Jan

sara-green-1-6-17Sara’s most recent testimony. (Yes that’s me).

I started my weight loss journey over 5 years ago at 282 lbs after my daughter was born, 12/2010. 

Somehow I lost 20 lbs in three years. 

I started Skinny Fiber 8/2013. I weighed 262 lbs, Size 24/2XL.

Yes, I have been taking Skinny Fiber that long! I absolutely love it. Yes, losing weight takes time if you want to keep it off.

Yes, it is a lifestyle change.

I am very conscious of what I eat. Small portions. Lots of protein, minimal junky/starchy food. NO SODA!!!

Water, Water, Water!

I currently weigh 161 lbs, Size 12, Med/Lrg.

Are you ready???

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Robin is 50 Years-old and lost 21 pounds and several inches

4 Jan
Robin says:
My Updated Photo!! NOT BAD FOR 50 YEARS OLD, HUH?
This is 11 months from the time I started taking Skinny Body Max and HiBurn8! When I started, I claimed 133 pounds, but was probably closer to 140…as I don’t own a scale. It took me about 2 months to get down to 119 pounds and threw away countless inches! ~~Just by using Skinny Body Max and HiBurn8. I have absolutely no willpower for a dedicated exercise program. lol, housework is my exercise program. I drink half my bodyweight in ounces of water each day, about 60 ounces, cook healthy meals and take my SBMax every day. 2 capsules at least half an hour before my two largest meals of the day, with a full glass of water, helps curb my appetite, so I’m eating smaller meals. Since I feel more full, I no longer snack on junk foods (don’t even crave them anymore) and no sodas. Once I reached my healthy weight, I have maintained my healthy lifestyle and weight by choosing to continue with my Skinny Body Products. I now sleep so good because I’m using HiBurn8 at bedtime~~24 hours of fat burning power and great sleep! Skinny Body For Life!! Loving it!
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