Sara’s updated Weight Loss Story

6 Jan

sara-green-1-6-17Sara’s most recent testimony. (Yes that’s me).

I started my weight loss journey over 5 years ago at 282 lbs after my daughter was born, 12/2010. 

Somehow I lost 20 lbs in three years. 

I started Skinny Fiber 8/2013. I weighed 262 lbs, Size 24/2XL.

Yes, I have been taking Skinny Fiber that long! I absolutely love it. Yes, losing weight takes time if you want to keep it off.

Yes, it is a lifestyle change.

I am very conscious of what I eat. Small portions. Lots of protein, minimal junky/starchy food. NO SODA!!!

Water, Water, Water!

I currently weigh 161 lbs, Size 12, Med/Lrg.

Are you ready???

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