Is the Extra Weight I’m Carrying Here to Stay?

9 Jan

This is a question asked by people carrying excess weight: 

Is the Extra Weight I’m Carrying Here to Stay?

The Reality:  If you’re still eating like you are at a buffet and haven’t increased your activity level, then it’s obvious why you are carrying that extra weight.  But you’re not trapped in that body.

The Fix:  Commit to an exercise program and start building metabolism-boosting muscle.  At the same time, break those bad nutrition habits by following these simple rules.        

Have breakfast every day:  A study of dieters found that those who are breakfast daily lost more weight and kept it off longer.       

Drink more water:   Choose it instead of soda, juice and other beverages.

Eat more fish:  It provides good fats needed for brain consumption.          

Consume more fruits and veggies:  Their fiber content will fill you up.          

Go for whole grains:  They contain more fiber than other grains, which means fewer cravings.

Avoid “diet” food:  It’s usually highly processed and full of sugar and/or sodium.

Read food labels:  In one study, women who read them weighed nine pounds less than those who didn’t.

Snack often:  Distributing your total daily calorie allotment over five or six small meals encourages weight loss.

“Coach Marcus” Jones

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