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Julie lost weight and feels more confident

28 Feb

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Julie shared this earlier today:

Ok, this is way out of my comfort zone but…how else do you grow, right? I’ve been struggling lately, gained a couple pounds during a stressful time and feeling bad about myself. I decided that I should look at where I’ve been. The photo on the left is from January 2016, the one on the right is yesterday. I’m here to tell you the Skinny Fiber, E3 and Hiburn8 work and if you’re feeling down, just remember how far you’ve come!

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More people die from obesity related issues than anything else in the world. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS!!!!

27 Feb

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More people die from obesity related issues than anything else in the world. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS!!!!

You said 2017 would be your year? Well PROVE IT!!!

Last year my friends Satira, Kyle and Jamell lost 400 pounds combined!!!! We know for a fact that our products work. They all started with Skinny Fiber and Hiburn8. Now its up to you!!!!

Start your weight loss journey for your 90 day challenge today!

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Healthy Energy Drink

25 Feb


From the company that introduced Skinny Fiber to the world, we now bring you one of the most new and exciting developments in the fitness world. Created from a revolutionary new blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients, Herbs, and Electrolytes, E3 is the only product of its kind – the Ultimate Fuel For Your Body!

If you’re looking to maximize your energy, your endurance, AND your recovery, there is nothing like E3! One scoop of E3 = amazing, healthy energy anytime! Whether it’s getting you going in the morning, crushing a workout at the gym, or battling that afternoon fatigue? E3 fuels you up when you need it!

Athletes now turn to the cutting edge of science to construct the building blocks of a peak performance. The proper workout is like a building – it needs the right tools to complete the job.

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Kelly has lost 17 pounds in just over a month with no special diet

25 Feb

kelly-2-25-17Kelly says:

This is me.  Down 17 pounds in a bit over a month and feeling comfy again. I have a long way to go but I am eating normal! With Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Max your body goes into a detox process and then it helps you feel full faster, speeds metabolism without jitters, corrects digestive issues and targets fat and bloat!  I love it! I can not stay on a strict diet for anything! Who can? Who wants to live the rest of their life eating a handful of greens and water?  Not me. I eat 3 normal meals and 2 healthier snacks. Drinking water is KEY and taking the capsules each day is KEY! You can do it, I’m telling ya! Try it. What do you have to lose?

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Daily Fit Tip #1

24 Feb

Loaded Low Carb Burger

23 Feb


This burger is AMAZING!!! The chipotle sauce gives it a kick!!! Burgers are NOT gonna make you fat, but the buns will! Ditch the bun and eat guilt free!


Low carb living at it’s BEST!!…


Lean ground beef (or Ground Bison/Ground Turkey/Ground Chicken)
1 packet of dry onion soup mix
Worcestershire sauce (as much or little to your liking)
Slicing tomato
Romaine lettuce
Spicy chipotle sauce
American or cheese of choice
Sliced mushrooms and onions
1 TBSP garlic oil


Mix meat with onion soup mix and Worcestershire sauce. Form into patties or sliders (as my little one prefers slider size burgers). Grill as desired (I used the Foreman grill).

Sauté mushrooms and onions in garlic oil (could use olive oil as well) — set aside. Slice up avocados, tomatoes and lettuce.

Now build your castle of a monstrous burger with NO bun — trust me this was MORE than filling!! The chipotle sauce gives it a nice kick and minimal carbs (>1 gm per serving), better than ketchup!

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Fit Tips from February 22, 2017

23 Feb

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